May 12th, 2012

I just got back to Gainesville, so have no real updates on my lovely new pony.  My trainer has said that shes been awesome all week.  We had decided to not do this show this weekend, which is a good thing because it was cancelled last minute.  Well wait till the end of the month.  I’m so excited to go see her, but I feel like I can’t really ride her right now without a saddle of my own that fits her.  My trainer has been graciously allowing me to borrow her saddle, but that means that she has to be there, not riding.  I’d like to be able to have some freedom!  Which leads me into my next topic, the fact that I have NO IDEA what saddle will fit me, what I like and what I want.  I literally have no idea.  I haven’t saddle shopped in FOREVER, and the last time I did it was from a catalog since I really didn’t know any better.  All I know that I want is darker leather, a cushy seat, and I REALLY want buffalo leather.  But we’ll see…

So in my hunt for my next boarding facility, the one place I really like STILL has not gotten back to me ugh, I contacted the well known A circuit trainer in the area, just to see if maybe I could go there.  I love the feel of a show barn, not necessarily of the grooms and stuff, but the fact that everyone is reaching towards a common goal of success in the show ring.  So I got her rate sheet and was amazed at the fact that shes charging the same as many trainers out in Wellington.  I understand that a show barn is higher in price then a regular boarding facility, but we are in Gainesville Florida, not Wellington.  Just seemed crazy to me.  I’m still going to see if she offers a boarding package without grooming and tack up services, just to see.  Other then that, I still have found NOTHING.  Its so frustrating, Im almost to the point of looking at some closer Ocala places that I’ve heard very good things about…

Well I’ll update again when I go to the barn 🙂 I know everyones looking forward to seeing the beautiful mare!!!


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