May 18th, 2012

I know, I know.  I am such a bad blogger and I apologize.  But I got videos!!! At least a little bit that I took on my phone!  So since I last updated you guys not a lot has happened so far, especially with respect to the saddle hunt.  I FINALLY was able to get in touch with the saddle fitter around here, independent fitter, and shes coming on Tuesday of next week to fit Libby for me.  I have narrowed down my search a bit, as I have a general, very very general, idea of what I do and don’t like in a saddle:

  •  I like the feel of the Butets, the close contact connection you get with the horses back. 
  • While I don’t like the feel of the Antares, I LOVE the leather quality. 
  • I have never sat in a CWD so I can’t say whether or not I like it, but I do know that the leather is beautiful.  
  • I really don’t care for Devoucoux, and have heard some serious horror stories about the fit for the horse.  
  • I’ve never sat in, or even seen a County anything, so I can’t comment on those saddles.  
  • I love the look of the Voltaires, as you’ve read in a previous post, but I’ve never ridden a horse in one so I don’t know what it feels like on the horse.  I’ve been told that the company was founded by someone who was originally from Devoucoux, and if thats true, and if the saddles ride similarly, then I probably won’t like the Voltaires either.

So hopefully, with my lengthy list of saddle preferences, the fitter will be able to steer me in the right direction, for the correct fit for both me and Libby girl.

Onto other things, my trainer has let me know that at the end of June, she moves all the horses from the barn in Williston, which is where I’m at now, to her other barn in Palatka, which is farther away from me. She has expressed that she really wants to continue to help me, and offered to bring Libby to Palatka to continue her training.  My parents, with good reason, aren’t all too excited about me driving 45 min-1 hour away to the barn.  The search continues….

This week has been very busy with me back at school and getting back into the groove of things in Gainesville.  I wasn’t even able to go out to see Libby until Tuesday, what with the horrible weather we’ve been having, and my schedule.  But now that I’m all settled in, things will get easier.  I had noticed when we brought Libby from the seller that she had rub marks on her chest, and I just figured it was from leaning on the gate to be brought in from being outside.  Nope.

Silly horse!

The grass is always greener on the other side….

In other news, I found out that Miss Libby knows a trick!! She bows! I was brushing her in her stall the other day, and gave her some treats when I finished, and all of a sudden she started bowing.  I haven’t been able to get it on video yet, its hard when I’m giving her the treats under her belly, but some day I’ll have someone video it.  I was quite amazed that she did that lol.

So heres some video footage of the Libby girl that I know you’ve all been waiting for.  This is my trainer riding her, and as you can see she jumps so cute!! My trainer was telling me today, we got a lot nicer of a horse then we thought we were getting!

Disclaimer: My trainer does not ride in a helmet.  That is her decision, not mine and I in no way endorse riding without a helmet.  You only have one fragile brain everyone, protect it!!

Well thats all I have for you guys today!! Have a great weekend everyone.  Oh and before I go, just thought I’d share that we’re taking Libs to her first show next weekend! 🙂

ETA: I totally forgot to mention my lesson today! Silly me! So as you can tell, I watched Libby go and didn’t ride her.  I’d really wanted to see her progress since I’d last seen her go which was a week ago.

 I rode a very made horse, a children hunter champ, and man did it make me miss having a made horse.  Jumped a course, did awesome and had an awesome lesson! I love the good rides like that! They are exactly what I need to boost my confidence in my own riding abilities for the greenie 🙂


5 thoughts on “May 18th, 2012

  1. That was one thing I loved about her when I tried her. When she sees the jump you can feel her going for it. She will always go over it, and she rarely does any wiggling to the jump. Very point and shoot.


  2. She is SO cute! Very very nice over fences! Hope the barn hunt progresses… When I was living closer to school it was about 40 min for me to get to the barn. Where I am at all of the barns are kind of in the same area though so unless I moved closer to the barns all of them were going to be the same distance.

    If you don't like the feel of antares I feel like you may not enjoy the CWD either… They ride really similar in my opinion. Or the two that I sat in did. That being said I much prefer the CWD over the Antares but finding a used CWD that isn't ripped or mangled for under 2000 or even 2500 might be hard.

    I have ridden in a old County Stabilizer. The newer ones are apparently much nicer but I haven't tried them. I can say that we have 4-5 in our barn 3 jumps and 2 dressage and holy nice leather. But again I haven't ridden in a newer one and the newer ones tend to still be very pricey used.

    I am currently looking into a butet as I definitely love the ride. I would agree that they do have a closer feel but it depends on the saddle. We have 2 in our barn and one is heaven and has lovely buttery leather and the other is hell… Very stiff, a lot of saddle between you and the horse, and a horrendous leather compared to what most people think of when you say Butet.

    I also want to ride in a Black Country. The leather is really nice… And they tend to be much more reasonably priced, even new.

    Good luck and loved the update! She is so cute!


  3. I honestly wouldn't mind driving down if I could bring Oscar, which I can, because its been hard to find a barn around here that has even half of what I want on my list of things I need. And I have a friend whose still at BS, the place I boarded Ollie at, that wants me to speak with the barn owner, but I feel like since I'm not boarding there now I don't have a lot of power or anything. I would really like to find a barn that the two of us could go to, because I'm sure she would love to lesson with my trainer. It is just so frustrating that Ocala is so close, and even Williston is so close, and yet we have nothing. And I hear ya on the difference in Butet leathers. Well see what the fitter says will work for both Libby and me on Tuesday. I'm really curious what she says…


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