May 21st, 2012

Yesterday was an, interesting day to say the least.  Not because of Libby, she was great but I’ll talk about that more in a second, but because some people that I kind of knew came out to try horses. 

The story goes that my friend K that I’ve known for a while from back home, had a friend thats considerably younger then us that she used to ride with, whom I’m naming M.  M is a young, tiny little girl, that has recently been looking for something to move off her pony.  Let me preface this by saying that back in home there are really only one or two good trainers out there, and she isn’t with one of them.  This girl believes that she is the next Maclay winner, which is fine a little confidence never hurt anyone.  She wants a Big EQ/Jumper, she supposedly hates the hunters, and had fallen in love with three horses already, only to have them fail the vet check.  So, as a favor to this girl, I told K to give M my trainers number, since my trainer has a lot of connections and always has nice horses in.  So M and her mom came out yesterday to try out horses.  The first horse they tried is a seasoned jumper, has done the level fives successfully and has dabbled in a little equitation stuff here and there with its old owner.  But recently has been a childs jumper, and he goes with his little nose poked out.  Mother immediately comments that he doesn’t have the neck or conformation for big eq, which is kind of ridiculous to me, because thats something you school, horses aren’t always born with a perfect frame.  Plus this horse knows how to frame,  I just think the girl was really nervous, and therefore wasn’t cueing him correctly.  It was deemed that he was too much horse for her, which is fine.  She didn’t like him, so onto number two.  
  My trainer brings out this adorable, at least I thought so, chestnut gelding, with a show record a mile long.  He’s a push ride, which would be perfect for this girl, since the first was too much horse.  She sees him being tacked up, watches him go into the ring, watches my trainer ride him for her, and when the time comes for her to get on, she announces that she hates chestnuts and won’t get on.  Um WHAT? I have never in my life around horses, heard of someone not trying a horse simply based on its color.  And I couldn’t believe she wasted our time by allowing us to tack him up and ride him if she wasn’t even going to consider him.  Whatever onto the next horse.  
  Now by this time me and my trainer were kind of taken back a bit.  This girl didn’t have limitless budget, and the horses that were being shown to her were nice.  Not just okay horses, but theres horses were NICE, and it seemed like she was brushing them off.  At this point I was seriously wondering if giving her my trainers info was a good idea.  Next up is one of my personal favorites, saw him go on friday and really liked him.  Quiet, cute mover and jumper, and gorgeous.  This horse is a babysitter, doesn’t care that she brings him deep to every distance, and just carts her around like a good boy.  Her mother can’t stop commenting on how gorgeous he is, and how he looks just like their pony.  But they had reservations about him possibly not being able to compete at the height of the big eq.  When it was shared that hes done the level 5 jumpers successfully before, the mother tried to explain that the big eq was higher then that.  We explained to her that the level 5’s were 3’9″ to 4″, at which she agreed and continued to state that the big eqs were higher.  Oh geeze.  It seemed like M liked him, she got off and they talked to my trainer.  They called me over, because even though we don’t know each other very well, she said she saw me in the George Morris clinic and wanted to see my new horse, and I guess talk to me a bit.  So I brought them to see her, and we started talking about all the girls we knew in common, how some stopped riding, when the mother starts bad mouthing my old trainer to everyone.  Now I’m not saying that he was an angel, but that was so unprofessional that I just stopped my side of the conversation.  At that point me and my trainer couldn’t handle it any longer, and left to go to the store for drinks, while they stayed back to talk more about pricing and stuff with my trainers partner.    I was so embarrassed that I even gave my trainers information to them.  I just couldn’t believe they would act like that.  Ugh, sometimes I just can’t stand people.  
Anyways, Libby was great yesterday.  She didn’t get ridden on Saturday, and also didn’t get turnout Saturday night like normal, but she was still awesome.  We worked on my trusting her, staying in two-point over the jump longer, I have a tendency to unfold to quickly, and on bending her.  She was great, only got strong maybe once or twice, but came back right away.  Fitter on Tuesday, yay, and show this weekend!! So excited!!!

14 thoughts on “May 21st, 2012

  1. Wow they sound really stuck up. How can they judge a horse's neck and say it's not good enough? Then doesn't like chestnuts? Wow. Oh well, those people don't deserve NICE horses so I would be happy that they didn't buy one. I'm sure your trainer understands that you didn't know they would be that way.


  2. yikes! I am always leery to give my trainers info to people too.. you never know how they are going to act but on the other hand you want your trainer to get some business. Hard for sure! Sounds like you both handled it well! That girl sound well um… special! Gotta love that mom was the expert on the “big eq” stuff LOL.

    Glad miss mare was good!

    Hope the saddle fitting goes well!


  3. Yea I had kind of said before hand that I don't know these people too well and that I'm not sure what they'll be like. She had spoken to them on the phone and kind of had a feel for them, but I don't think she was quite prepared for them lol.


  4. Yea, after this I am going to try to get to know them before I give her number out. I felt so bad. And I think I was more mad because I felt so offended. I was under the impression that I was helping these people that had a turn of bad luck, not that I was catering to the clueless princesses.


  5. Ick, I feel uncomfortable just THINKING about how awkward and inappropriate that mother was. Shame on her- the horse world needs more charitable attitudes, not more of the back-stabbing, gossiping, entitled attitudes that unfortunately are so prevalent in the show ring! As you were describing the horse she wanted I was thinking, “ok, so her budget must be at least $45K, up to about $75K to have a proven, 4'+, gorgeous eq horse” …and then you said her budget wasn't unlimited… SO, did she end up going with the last horse that she tried? yeesh, sounds so uncomfortable!


  6. p.s. So glad your ride on Libby went well- love your banner pic! I took photos with my black mare this past weekend, in a bridle, no saddle, and with white polos on front, so needless to say- adore the pic of your girl!


  7. “catering to the clueless princesses…” and your blog name is “diary of a hunter princess,” made me smile- there is such thing as good AND bad royalty 🙂


  8. So sorry about your experience. :/ You were trying to help someone out and instead they turn around and embarrass you and are rude to boot!

    I tried a lot of horses (good and bad) but I always told trainers when I knew that the horse wasn't right for me – and I was never looking at horses that nice. But a trainer/ owners time is still to be respected. I have seen tons of people try a horse- even multiple times and then say they love it and will get in contact etc but never call back. I also had color “preferences” but I wouldn't ever knock a horse off the list because of it. Unless maybe it was a loud paint or appaloosa… I don't know though. And now I have the plainest of bays so I guess I don't have to worry about it!

    I am glad that the pretty mare was good for you! I can't wait to hear about the show. You better get lots of pictures (or else… 🙂


  9. Thats why I was so taken aback! I thought I was doing these people a favor!! And the respect thing is really what they were lacking, and what really upset me. If you don't want to even look at chestnuts, then say something before hand, don't let us tack the horse up and ride him in the crazy heat, just so we can hear you say no! And thanks!! OF COURSE there will be pictures… I'm going to have to get my hands on a camera of some sort…


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