May 25th, 2012

Wednesday I had a lesson on one of the made horses at the barn, and got to watch Libby school.  The horse I rode was awesome, has done the jumpers, eq, and a bit of the hunters all over.  (It was the chestnut the girl wouldn’t try because of his color.)  He was such a good boy, all you really need to do on him is kick, and he’ll take care of the rest.  I love being able to get on some made horses, to get my strength up for Libby.  Since I’m not riding as consistently as I’d like, but hopefully that will change when I get the saddle, I’m still weak compared to my riding before when I was riding everyday.  All in good time I guess, although I’ve never been a patient person…

Libby was great for her training ride too.  She didn’t jump her, just did lots of bending lines, serpentines, and circles, just getting her listening to the aids more.  I’m so excited to see what today brings, they are schooling today, and the fitter is hopefully going to meet us!!

On the subject of finding a boarding barn, the manager from the nice barn in the area got back to me, and let me know that theres definitely going to be a stall opening!! This is good, but I still wish that I could go back to Blue Sky if they’d fix the things that they have problems with.  I know my one friend who I’d been looking with is happy that I found a place, but I know we wanted to be at the same place, since we have similar goals in our riding and training strategies.  Also I know she was interested in possibly training with my trainer, but if we aren’t at the same barn, I don’t know if she still is.  I think I’m going to send a message to the BM at Blue Sky, just saying that I have a space at another barn, but that if these things were changed I would love to come back, and if that was a possibility.  I doubt anything will be changed, but I guess it can’t hurt.  I’m going back to the barn that has a spot for me on Monday to talk about the specifics and make sure it is the right place for our situation right now.

Thats all I have for this morning everyone! I’ll definitely check back this evening to let you all know how today at the show went!!!


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