May 26th, 2012

So Libbys first show is over and she was… AWESOME!

Yesterday, Friday, she got to the show grounds and I just walked her around and tried to acclimate her to everything.  She was a bit up, but nothing you wouldn’t expect from a horse coming to a new place.  She was fine once she had access to grass, the little piggy that she is.  She only spooked once, and it was really only a little jump and turn, at a golf cart that was coming from a nearby residential area.  She just didn’t like the way it crept up from afar I guess.  After walking her around I put her on the lunge and she was great.  No silliness or anything.  And the way the show grounds are set up, its basically all wide open spaces, at least for schooling.  So I was lunging her in, what was basically a huge cross-country field, so she had every opportunity to hightail it out of there.  But she didn’t, such a good girl!  My trainer got on her, and schooled her in the ring she was to ride in, the only grass ring in the show grounds.  For some reason, Libby was slipping a lot in this ring, and we decided that for her best interests, we would only trot in that ring.  I don’t really know why she was slipping, the grass was dry as sand, and the ground was rock hard.  But I didn’t want to chance it, so trotting it is.  She was only in the crossrails little baby stuff anyways, as this outing was really just to see how she handled being at a show.  So my trainer schooled her over the fences, she went over everything, was awesome, and we brought her in.  Everyone was complimenting me on how gorgeous and quiet she was, which is awesome!  And I don’t know if it was just because she was at the show grounds, but she also let me wash her face, something she always puts up a fight about when were at home! So yay for horse show Libby.

The saddle fitter was then finally able to make it out, thank god, and she looked over Libby and we talked a while.  I explained to her how Libby can sometimes get cold backed when you first get on her, and how she really doesn’t do anything but does get tense.  It goes away say if you lunge her for five minutes, and its every so often.  The fitter explained to me how she is very broad backed, and has such a large shoulder, that she’s tensing because the saddle is way to narrow for her and she’s trying to get comfortable in it.  She then took tracings and gave me her recommendations.  Unfortunately for me, because Libby has such a broad, straight back, almost all of the french made saddles will likely not fit her.  Their trees are very curvy, and she needs a straighter tree, which is found in most of the english made saddles.  So she recommended to me the Frank Baines Reflex, the County Stabilizer, and possibly a Black Country saddle.  Now mind you I haven’t sat in any of these saddles, I’ve always been around the french saddles that are oh so pretty, so when I initially looked these saddles up, I’ll be honest.  I immediately thought, “Oh man, these are so ugly.”  I want nice leather, and from the pictures (yes, I know you need to see it in person) these saddles just don’t deliver.  I’m trying not to snub these saddles, but its very hard…. She also thought the Richard Castelow saddles would fit her, but the 4-5 k price tag doesn’t fit in my budget.  Well I’m going to have to find something and quick.  I want to ride my pony!!

And now for the moment when your all going to hate me, I have basically no pictures of Libby showing.  I don’t have a camera, my nice on was stolen like 3 years ago at WEF :-(, and my phones battery is used up in about 3 hours or so, so it died by the time her class came.  All I really have is a silly little video I took of her when I was grazing her on the show grounds.  So I’ll give you what I have, even though its not much.

And last, my puppy was such a good horse show dog!!! He didn’t really bark at the other dogs, he loves horses so that wasn’t an issue, and he was generally a very good boy!  Got lots of compliments on how cute he was from a lot of people, so I’m sure he loved it.  I was a bit worried, because he didn’t have a good reaction to his flea meds when I gave them to him Thursday, but he did ok.  But he hasn’t been eating his food,  and I just saw he has an open sore on the tip of his tail, so there might be a trip to the vets in store for us again…

ETA: I can’t believe I forgot to include how Libby was on the actual show day! Wow, I was tired last night.  Anuyways she was great, went in the ring like an old pro, hacked like shed been doing it forever.  Even fell asleep ringside when she was waiting for her turn to go.  Then the over fences she went in a jumped everything like the day before.  My trainer even told me that for the last trip she had to push her a bit, since she was getting to tired.  I loved hearing that, and can’t wait to show her myself!!!


7 thoughts on “May 26th, 2012

  1. I thought I knew someone who had one, but I couldn't for the life of me remember who. So you do like it? Were you able to customize it at all? What is the leather like, and what does it feel like when your riding?? Sorry for all the questions 🙂 Do you happen to have any pictures of it??


  2. Glad you guys had a successful weekend!

    I am seriously considering a Black Country saddle. They have the Riccochet and Quantum that I think would work for what I want. I saw 2/3 models a few weeks ago and the leather shouldn't disappoint you. I found it to be super grippy and very soft. You'll have to ride in one though. I have heard that Trumball Mtn Saddlery is a good place to work with and you can send them tracings etc and they can help you. You can also get trial saddles from them if you don't have a BC rep near you… Just a thought.

    Also the countys are comfy but so far not my favorite… New they are also in the 4-5k range I think… Poor libs. I am sure she will be happy when you have a saddle that works better for her 🙂


  3. Agh I have no idea what to do anymore lol. I called Trumbull Mount. about the Frank Baines Reflex, but they don't carry it anymore since it wasn't working for a lot of horses. I'm so nervous to bring in one of the BC saddles since I've never seen or touched them before. Its a bit more reassuring to hear that their leather is of good quality. I know my fitter was really pushing for the Frank baines, and I was just getting used to the idea of it when I was told they no longer carry it. I wonder if there is a rep around me, the saddles aren't exactly popular around here. And I have no idea about the county. I wouldnt be purchasing new thats for sure! For that much money I would go for a Richard Castelow, which I was told would also work for her lol.


  4. Bummer about the Frank Baines… I don't think you would be disappointed with the quality leather on a BC especially for the money but I can only say that from touching in a store… I have yet to get the opportunity to ride in one at this point. My bday is coming up so I am hoping that the possibility of a new saddle will be a bit more real then 🙂


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