May 29th, 2012

Well everyone I’ve hit a major roadblock in my two searches.

Boarding:  There was always some little part of me that really wants to go back to Blue Sky.  I love the people there, they have nice jumps, and everyones so easy to get along with.  I sent the manager an email, saying how much I wanted to come back, but that a few things, mostly the footing of the arena, needed to be changed.  All the girls are to afraid to say anything, which I have no idea why, so I really don’t know what I was expecting.  Well, I got a response this morning, basically saying to look elsewhere for boarding, that they can’t honestly say they are changing the ring anytime soon.

Now I had been saying that the other option was a barn called Hawkfields in the area, which is supposed to be the nicest, best kept up barn.  I went to visit it again, last time I visited it was last October, and while yes, the place is beautiful, there are still things I don’t necessarily like.  Most of the riders, save for one, are dressage riders, so the jumps they have aren’t very exciting, mostly just white poles and standards.  The jump area is also just in an open field, which I’m sure is fine, but with a greenie, a fence is always helpful. And they do have a covered ring, but they don’t allow the jumps to be moved into it at anytime, since its a dressage ring.  The people there are very nice, but also much older then I am, which really isn’t a problem for me, but its always nice to have friends who are the same age as you riding there.

I guess I was hoping the Blue Sky manager was going to send me an email saying they were changing the footing soon to clay or something and since thats not happening I feel stuck in making a decision.

Throughout my search for barns in Gainesville, I can honestly say if someone, uhhh me, decided to open up a farm that catered to the hunter jumper that is a laid back show barn, I would honestly have so much business.  There are so many people who can’t find good places in this city, which is ridiculous since Ocala is so close…. Ugh

Saddle:  So I was just starting to get used to the idea of trying the Baines, its not THAT ugly, and I called Trumbull Mountain, only to find out that they don’t carry that saddle anymore due to the fact that it wasn’t working for many horses.  Uh, what? Okay, one step forward three steps back.  My fitter is having me try a Black Country Quantum, and shes going to contact the Frank Baines company for me so I can try a Reflex. I just want SOMETHING!!!!

And I haven’t even been able to see Libs since the show because theres a tropical storm thats been hanging over Fl for the past several days, which means MONSOONS and no dry patches… We needed the rain but come on, I can’t even really drive anywhere!


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