June 2, 2012

Well it is definitely summer.  Thanks to Tropical storm Beryl, I really haven’t been able to see my beautiful mare, until today.  She was hardly ridden this week, and hardly turned out due to the weather, so to say that I was nervous to have a lesson today is an understatement.  Babies are babies, and babies who haven’t been ridden or turned out consistently in a week are CRAZY babies, so I was totally getting ready for a crazy day.  Not to mention it was windy, and a lot of the made horses were spooking at something in the bushes at the far end of the ring, so I was already picturing my greenie hightailing it away from that side of the ring, with me on the ground.  I decided it was an ear puff kind of day, and shoved those suckers in for my own safety.  We lunged her for about 5-10 minutes before I got on, i.e. chased her on the lunge line, and I got on.  She was so good, so responsive but not too sensitive.  I was so proud!  I was expecting her to be a fire breathing dragon (why I have no idea, she’s never really shown a fire breathing dragon side of her) but she wasn’t and carted my nervous butt around like an old school horse.  She is definitely going to be the horse that doesn’t mind having a couple of days off a week, no need to ride her everyday.  I really am going to have to get someone to video tape me at some point, when I’m able to scrounge up enough money for a video camera, so everyone can see how forgiving she really is.  I am not by any means a pro rider, nervous nelly here, so for her greenie self to cart me around is quite amazing to me.

The biggest thing we’ve been working on with me right now is me just trusting her.  Trusting her to not be silly after the fence, to just give pretty much all my rein to her as she’s coming up to me over the jump.  After riding a lot of horses that I felt the need to be defensive over the jumps, this is a hard concept for me to grasp, but its coming together slowly.  Old habits die hard.

I also heard from my trainer that after the show she received numerous calls from trainers who had seen Libby go at the show, all inquiring if she was for sale!  I’ve never had such a nice horse that people inquire about them!!  This is a whole new level of horse ownership.  I don’t have the horse that takes off after every jump anymore.  Nor do I have the spooky, flighty horse anymore.  I have an honest, forgiving, trustworthy mare, and I’m so happy I do.

I’ve also pretty much made a decision on the boarding front.  Since I didn’t feel comfortable at the Hawkfields place, and since the Blue Sky manager made it pretty clear the most they’ll be doing to improve the footing is re-seeding it, I’ve decided the best plan is too take Libby girl to my trainers farm in Palatka, which is roughly the same amount of driving time that I’m doing to her farm in Williston.  I figure  I know she’ll be in the best care, and I’ll be able to hopefully keep her in training, which is awesome.  My trainer and her business partner were even throwing around ideas about possibly renting another farm in St. Augustine, and of course I couldn’t help but strongly suggest they find a place in Gainesville. It couldn’t hurt to just suggest it right? 🙂

And as far as saddles go, my fitter was able to find a Baines in VA so I’m going to try that when it comes in.  If it doesn’t fit my next step is a Back Country Quantum, and after that is a County Stabilizer.  I spoke with the County rep this morning, who was very nice, and she answered all of my questions and more.  Its $75 for them to come out and do a fitting, and the saddles are already at the top of my price range so it will be last last resort.

Hope everyone has an awesome weekend!!! I’ll take some pictures of the black mare this weekend for you all 🙂


4 thoughts on “June 2, 2012

  1. PICTURES!!!

    Also so happy for you to be getting on so well with her and to be so pleased with her. I am sure that it is a good feeling to know that various people are interested in if she is for sale! 🙂


  2. Thanks everyone!! And Hillary, I had no idea what to think of it to be honest! When I first heard her say it I was like um NO shes not for sale, but then I realized what a huge compliment it was. And when I get my hands on a camera of some sort, pictures will definitely be coming!!!


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