June 4th, 2012

Okay everyone.  I am now looking out for a cheaper digital camera, so I can take lots of pictures for you all! At the moment I’m truly slacking in that department, and for that I’m sorry.  My only forn of a camera consists of my old Iphone that struggles to complete normal everyday tasks, so asking it to also be my digital camera is asking way to much of it.  Im waiting for the new Iphone, which is why I’ve held onto mine for so long, but in the meantime, I realize I need something.  If anyone has any recommendations for me that’d be great!!

Saturday I went to the local rated show to meet up with my old trainers wife, who was learner judging there.  I went with a friend of mine, and we watched the jumpers pretty much all day after me and my trainers wife caught up on some current news and happenings at my old barn.  I’ll keep the crazy story short:

My old trainer and his wife leased the barn that I used to ride at, and didn’t own it outright.  I was told that the owner had started to lose interest in the horses, and wanted to get out of it, which was pushed forward by an altercation my trainer had with her son.  Needless to say, they are moving out, as my trainer was offered an awesome, but slightly overwhelming, position of head of the horse program at the new riding academy that will be affiliated with the show grounds here, ESP.  They’ll be housed on the show grounds, in a new 200 stall facility, with show quality footing in each of the 5 rings, one of which is covered.  This is a good step up for them I think, but at the same time its so sad because that means my old barn as I knew it, is gone.  Because my trainer will be working for the private owners of the show grounds, he is taking on the name of the barn affiliated with the grounds, in other words even my old barn name is going.  Some of the riders also might not make the move, as it would be a commute for some, so we all wont be together anymore.  Its all very sad, crazy, and unexpected.

So after I heard that mind blowing story, I pretty much let it all soak in as I was watching the horses go.  I left my barn on good terms, I love everyone from there, and its just very sad to me.  The facility at our barn had become so comfortable to me, and knowing that they won’t be there anymore is kind of crazy for me to try and wrap my head around.  I was also thinking, way ahead I know, about next summer, because I had planned to bring Libby home, to their farm, but now I don’t think I could afford it.   But as my mom assured me, I have lots of time to plan for that.

So I ended up staying at the show watching people go into the wee hours of the night, around 6, so I didn’t ride Libby Saturday.  Sunday, I took Oscar with me for the first time since finishing his advanced training, and brought him to the barn.  He was good for the most part, only was bad when he tried following me on horseback in my lesson and biting at Libbys tail, of which she could have cared less.  So my trainer hooked him up to the lunge line, for both his safety and my own.  Well Libby was great again. I’ve become so much more comfortable on her, that I can feel my riding getting better and better.  And we cantered our first jump together! She was so good, much easier to ride to the jump at the canter then at the trot.  I was ecstatic! We are getting closer and closer to being ready to show again!!

In other news, all the horses are moving to the new barn by the end of this week.  I’m going to have to get all my stuff from Blue Sky, and make the move.  I’m so happy to finally have a place to bring her, where I can bring ll my stuff and feel more at home.  At the barn in Williston, where we are at now, it was just basically a barn to show people potential sale horses, so there wasn’t really room or a place for a big honking tack trunk like the one I have.  So it had to stay at Blue Sky, which put me out of sorts because most of my stuff is either at Blue Sky or in my car.  Ill be so happy to move stuff out of my car for sure, its been starting to smell a bit….


5 thoughts on “June 4th, 2012

  1. Congrats on being able to move Libby somewhere! I totally understand about the longtime barn/home being gone. We moved from the barn I grew up at in 2008, even though where we are at now is a step up I dislike it. Sadly our old barn was torn down, everything there is gone, and they fields grew back and they are grazing cows out there.


  2. Its just so strange to me. I don't exactly know what the owner is planning to do with the facility once all the horses move out, but they just built it, so I'm assuming they won't knock it down, but I honestly have no idea. It would be sad to drive by and just see a field there. We just had so many memories!!


  3. My computer is working again…

    Yes that camera takes decent videos. You might need a fairly large SD card though. Lookingf forward to seeing some more of miss Libby. I assume that you have decided to keep that as her name?


  4. Ok, I will definitely be looking it up then. And as her barn name, yes. I still really don't like the name Entourage for her, but I'm horrible at finding another name. I really want it to start with E, to show her E line breeding, but I can't think of anything!!


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