June 8th, 2012

Wasn’t able to see Libby until today since Sunday, but I was told shes been really good for her trainer rides.  Today she had another trainer ride, and I was able to watch the last few minutes of her workout.

She did lots of bending with her, something I definitely need to work on, and moving forward.  Now that Libby knows we aren’t going to force her into a running, out of control walk/trot/canter, shes decided she would rather put forth the least amount of effort necessary.  This especially applies to transitions from the walk, meaning she’ll counter bend to avoid going forward.  So to you basically have to get her moving and then straighten her out. I feel like this is a very baby-ish thing, because I remember Ollie doing this in the beginning as well.  After she was cooled out and put away, I had a lesson on one of the made horses there, Anthony.

I’m sure I’ve talked about him before, because I’ve had lessons on him before.  Hes the chestnut that the girl who came to look at horses snuffed because of his color.  I love this horse.  Not as much as Libby of course, but hes so easy.  Hes the biggest push ride, i.e. spurs and stick, so hes definitely a confidence booster.  The only thing about him thats hard to ride is his jump.  Its very up-down, no smoothness to it, so finding a rhythm in my two-point folding and unfolding on him is hard, but eventually I got it.  My trainer really wants me to show him at the next show, to get me back in the show ring before Libby, but I don’t think we can swing the extra costs.  And I’d rather be paying for Libby.  Of course it would be nice to show on a been there done that horse, but if push comes to shove, I’m choosing Libby.

And I think I’ve decided, at least for now since I’m not sending in any name change/owner change things to USEF yet, on Ezabelle as her show name, keeping her barn name Libby.  But well see if my indecisiveness gets the better of me yet again.

Monday is the big day that we are making the big move.  I’m going to try to move all my stuff from Blue Sky to the farm in Palatka tomorrow, but we’ll see if that happens.  I have to send out a bridle I sold, so I might not have time. 

And while I still haven’t gotten a camera yet, I did manage to take a couple pictures of the girl today!

This is Anthony! Hes such a good boy, a total babysitter.

She was staring at Oscar being a crazy pup. 


You can see how shiny she is on her rump.

Gorgeous? Me?
I love how all her white markings have inking along the edges.  Please excuse the dirty blaze.  She seems intent on getting it incredibly dirty.
Her gorgeous tail!

I’m a bit obsessed…


Getting excited for feed time.
The crazy pup himself!

Oscar has been getting better at the barn.  His worst problem now is when I ride, and only when I ride, he doesn’t do it to other riders, he’ll chase/walk along side me the whole time.  Until that is, that he gets a bit excited and he’ll go for the tail.  This behavior obviously has to stop, but other then that hes a great little barn dog!


7 thoughts on “June 8th, 2012

  1. Love the pictures!!!! I want to steal her…
    You're lucky you can bring your dog to the barn. My barn has a no dog policy. Well… I guess its a selective rule since my trainer let another rider bring an untrained puppy… But anyways trainers dogs are evil and will attack other dogs so I am not about to bring my pups anyways but unfortunately that means they aren't very horse savvy.


  2. Thankfully there aren't any other dogs at this farm, but once we move to the farm in Palatka, there will be my trainers moms dog. But hes a little sweet Miki that Oscar already loves, since he met him at the show, so I'm not too worried. And I know a lot of barns that have strict no dog policies, mostly because of liability issues.


  3. wow she looks amazing! So shinny! Do you give her any supplements… or is it natural? I thought Henry was shinny but your girl def beats him! I groom like crazy and he gets smartcombo from smartpak.

    I know what you mean about taking your horse to the shows. I have the option to take another made horse but I want to get the experience with Henry. I have tried to figure out how I can afford to take both lol!!!


  4. She actually isn't on anything right now, which is why I find her shiny coat so amazing. She was shiny even when she was in the broodmares paddock where we got her from.

    And thats basically whats going on in my head now lol


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