June 12th, 2012

I was way to exhausted yesterday to write anything, the heat just got to me.  Libby was given Sunday off instead of Monday so I could ride her before she was moved to my trainers farm.

The temperature gauge on my car read 105 as I headed out to the barn, and I of course, forgot my drink at home.  Got all my stuff out of the car walked into the barn and started grooming her.  I hadn’t even gotten to her feet yet and I was already sweating, I knew this was going to have to be a quick little hack.  One thing I’d never realized until riding and owning a black horse, is how careful you have to be about the heat.  Besides the fact that the sun can bleach her coat, which thankfully it hasn’t yet, she gets overheated quicker then most other horses.  I could feel her body temp was already elevated a bit when I was grooming her, giving me more reasons to keep our ride short.  Brought her out to the ring, got on and she did her little back thing.  (I don’t know if I’ve ever talked about her getting cold backed before on here.  We’ve already attributed it to the fact that the saddle I’ve been riding her in, the one that’s available, is way to narrow for her, and thankfully she only does it every now and then.  I feels like her whole back, and all the muscles underneath me are tensing and quivering.  Its a very strange feeling for sure.)  So I lunged her for five minutes, just to get her back muscles warmed up.  Hopped on her and I just knew it wasn’t going to be her day.  She felt super sensitive, and distracted, which wasn’t helped by the fact that there was loud sawing noises next door.  And she was quickly becoming overheated, as was I.  I basically just put her through her paces and brought her in.  As I was hosing her down, and trying to cool her temp, I realized that she hasn’t gone into heat since we brought her in, and I knew that’s probably what it was.  Shes been so awesome lately, for basically the whole time since we’ve had her, that I wasn’t to upset.  Everyone has a bad day.   It would also explain why she was super sensitive about the saddle too.  Oh well. 

Took me a while to get her cooled down, and I even had to hose my head a couple times to keep myself from getting overheated.  It was even really to hot to graze her, what we normally do to cool them down, as the sun was just beating down on us.  After hosing her twice, I decided to stand in her stall with her and BLAST the fan on her.  Seemed to work well and she was cooled down within 10 minutes.  Then it was onto the trailer for her to bring her to the other farm! I already got a text from my trainer that she loves it there, so much more grass.  I can’t wait to see it and her tomorrow!!

And supposedly the saddle is coming in this week for me to try.  I super excited, and hope it works out for me and her!


2 thoughts on “June 12th, 2012

  1. I hope she won't get too bleached out from the sun! She is so purdy 🙂

    Hope the saddle gets in for you to give a try and that it works for you both! I am sure she will be much happier when she has something on her back that is not uncomfortable.


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