June 15th, 2012

Made the drive out to the barn, with pup in tow.  It really is such a long drive, through basically no mans land.  Have to find a new place and soon!

Although my trainer had offered to do a semi-training board in which I ride twice a week, and she’ll ride her the rest of the week, but I really want to be able to see my horse more then twice a week!  So I don’t think I’m going to agree with that. 

Libby was an overall good girl yesterday.  She is still in heat, coming out of it though, so she was a bit “fiery”.  We started out trying to do as little bending with her as possible, just trying to stay out of her way.  She’s been playing with the bit a lot lately, and we suspect that she desperately needs her teeth done.  We checked after our ride and sure enough, shes got some points on her, so hopefully next week she can get that done.  I put her through her paces, her canter was LOVELY, so soft and easy feeling, and then we started our little jumps.  She was super exuberant, and sailed over those little verticals.  She was jumping a good foot higher then the jumps, which doesn’t exactly bother me, she’ll learn with time that she can relax.  We did a little course and then cooled her out and brought her in.  Our goal for Sunday is for me to ride her over a course at the canter smoothly.  I’ve still been just trotting our courses, save for the one canter jump I did last week, and I’m at the point now where I can settle her and keep up with her timing.  My hardest thing to overcome, and the reason why I think my trainer has kept me trotting her, is that from past horses that would take off with me, I have it ingrained in my head to be defensive over the jump.  I’ll unfold out of my two-point mid jump, preparing to sit up and back on the landing.  Which is good on a bolter, but Libby’s no bolter, and my timing throws her off a bit.  She doesn’t do anything bad, but its just not as pretty a picture as it could be, so I’ve been working on keep my two-point longer over the jumps.  I’m at that point now where I can move up and start going with her.   So I’m pretty excited with the progress we’ve made!

On another note, I keep forgetting that we have a stallion on the property.  He is the quietest, most calm stallion I’ve met, and the poor guy is in love with Libby.  Shes at the point in her cycle where shes not paying attention anymore to the other horses, so he’ll make calls to her, they sound like a monkey hooting, and it falls on deaf ears.  Poor guy…

In happy news, the saddle for me to try OFFICIALLY is being shipped tomorrow! So I’ll finally be able to try it on her 🙂

I’m still waiting for my Smartpak sale catalog, my mailing system is weird, and have been thinking about blankets for her.  I’m going to measure her on Sunday to make sure of the fit, but I don’t know what I want for her.  And color wise, I have no idea what would look better on a black horse.  What do your horses outfits consist of?


9 thoughts on “June 15th, 2012

  1. Houston has the worlds ugliest blue / salmon colored Saxon sheet and then I got him a taka detach a neck blanket by weatherbeta that was on sale in purple/ silver as well as a lightly used amigo. I think I am going to save up and buy him a Rambo sheet. Both of the blankets I have are midweights so I can layer if need be.

    My last horse was darkbay/ black and he looked good in pretty much every color except the ugly brown and blue blankets that weather beta sells. Which I had to buy for him because he destroyed his sheet right before it got cold.

    I think you would be good with almost any color 🙂


  2. My black mare looked great in pretty much everything. I was partial to navy on her and always coveted a nifty black and red houndstooth patten turnout, but I never was brave enough to buy it.


  3. Do you have a cooler, and/or stable sheet? I've been trying to find a good quality cooler that doesn't cost me an arm and a leg and haven't had any luck…


  4. I've been leaning more towards maroone/burgundy now. I had pretty much EVERYTHING hunter green, because I first owned a chestnut, and because green is my favorite color. But it doesn't look as sharp on her as the burgundy does. What type of blankets do you have for Henry? I'm on the hunt…


  5. I have the centaur turbo dry in light blue and I love it. My local tack store has one more left on sale… 😉 not sure what size though. I think I got mine for maybe $35… I also have a weatherbeta that is blanco and yellow (yuck) that has a neck. I only got it because I had nothing that would fit him and he was a wooly mammoth.


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