June 17th, 2012

The weather has been great these past few days, not too hot, with a nice steady breeze.  I brought the pup to Blue Sky yesterday, when I don’t go to the barn I need to bring him somewhere to let his crazies out, and my friend Maegan was riding, so I joined.  When I got there I saw that she was talking very seriously with the barn manager, so I brought Oscar to a back paddock to throw the ball for a bit, not wanting to intrude on what seemed like a serious conversation.  When they were done I came up and my friend told me the low down of their conversation.  Shed spoken with the BM about the fact that the ring is unusable, how when she does ride in it her horse trips constantly and its just altogether a safety hazard.  The BM explained how they had thought the contractor who put down the topsoil knew what he was doing and had trusted him, but that he obviously didn’t really know what needed to go into a riding ring.  They were thinking of moving the ring into an upper paddock, and making a clay ring, to which my friend had suggested I find out from my trainer what hers cost, because the BM was interested.  So I see this as an improvement!  At least they understand now that it cannot go on like it has been, that its not right for the boarders to be paying for the amenities they can’t use, and that its not safe.  I was so excited when she explained this to me, but I know this is all talk, and I won’t decide on moving there until something is put into action.

I headed out to the barn early today, with the goal we set last ride still in my mind.  My trainer really wants to get me ready for a show coming up the middle of July, so I’m excited that I now have a concrete goal/timeline to shoot for.  Got to the barn and me and my trainer started talking, about the ring at BS, and other things.  I can tell from talking to her that shes really leery about me going back out to Gainesville, with good reason.  The boarding facilities out here don’t have the best reputation.  But she understands that I can’t possibly make this drive any longer then a month, and that I like to see my horse regularly.  She even said that possibly in a year she’d look into seriously considering buying property out there, which would be AWESOME! If my college plan goes smoothly, I’ll have five more years out here, long time I know, and I would love to have Libby with my trainer for the majority of that time.  We’ll see, a year is a long time…

Anyways Libby was awesome today.  She’s definitely out of heat, and back to her normal lazy self.  We started with just a trot course, getting our toes wet, which went perfectly.  As it should, I’ve done enough of them!!  I was instructed to canter over the single outside crossrail, and it was perfect.  She’s really so much easier to canter to the jumps then to trot them, because her canter really carries you, and you don’t necessarily have to push her the whole time.  So I looped around and cantered it again, and again it was great.  We proceeded to to our first course, with simple changes, and while I chipped to one of our fences, she took it well and still jumped it well, without any silly business on the other side.  She was just so good!!! We finished by cantering over the last vertical, since I did chipped it the first time, and I sat up, set a good pace, and rode her to the base.  It felt so awesome! Its been so long since I’ve trusted a horse like I’m starting to trust Libby and it makes me excited for the future!!

After she cooled down and had some time to munch hay and dry off from being hosed in her stall, I dragged her out to try and take a couple conformation shots.  Thankfuly one of the other riders at the barn was quick with my phone camera, because I don’t think Libby stood still for longer then 2 seconds, she was so interested in eating the lush grass. 

Look at how determined she is to just get the little bit of grass in my hand…. Shes such a pig.

Nice and shiny!

The best one yet!


7 thoughts on “June 17th, 2012

  1. The last pic is awesome, let me reiterate- I want her!!!

    So glad you had a nice jump lesson and that you're trusting her over fences. That's awesome. And good blogger for giving me pictures of Libby to drool over. Houston would like me to get him a copy for his “room” 🙂 haha.


  2. Thanks everyone!! And Hillary that made me laugh so hard! Like every other teenage boys room, he needs some posters of “hotties”. I'm sure Libby wouldn't mind 😉


  3. Shes actually not getting anything special! No supplements, no fly sheets, nothing. I think it really has to do with the fact that shes a true black, and is actually considered a black roan, which is what is says on her baby registration papers.


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