June 20th, 2012

Smartpak is having their annual summer sale, so of course I had to buy something.   Plus I’ve been needing a few things, and they all just happened to be on sale.  I got:

  • A fleece girth, in a size 50.  I love this fleece girth better then a lot of others on the market, because the fleece isn’t obnoxiously thick, and it has a dee.  I used to hate having to use the fleece girths at the barn because the fleece pieces were so thick, I could feel them under my legs.  It fits her a bit tight right now, but I’m sure once the elastics stretch a bit and aren’t as stiff, it’ll fit perfectly.  A great schooling girth at a great price!

  • Sport boots in mediums.  I really want to get new open front boots, but I figure mine can hold out a little longer if I don’t use them everyday, so I wanted some of these to use for flatting.  They are Smartpak brand knock-offs of the way more expensive Valena boots, and when I saw they were on sale I thought I’d give them a try.  They aren’t as thick as the real Valena boots, but I actually like that more.  They are a great buy, and while they might not last me as long as my open fronts have, for $17 bucks, I think they are just what I need.  

  • Bell boots.  Unfortunately, they are too small, so I’m going to have to send them back, or sell them to one of girls at the barn.  They are really well constructed, and it doesn’t show it in the pictures, but they are actually Smartpak brand, with the logo on the top strap.  A great pair of bell boots. 
  • And last, I got her a fly mask, complete with the long nose extension and ears.  Its a nice fly mask, that wasn’t on sale, but Libbys ears have been bitten up lately, and I wanted to protect her sensitive little white nose.  I tried it on her in the stall to make sure it fit, and Ladoo, my trainer horse, could not stop staring at her.  At least I didn’t get her the ones with googly eyes!

So three out of four worked, which is good.  Normally I have to send three out of four back because of sizing issues. 

Today I had to wait to ride because someone was coming to look at/try the gray stallion we have at the barn, and my trainer needed her saddle.  Plus we didn’t want to take Libby out, and get him all studly.  Not that hes bad or anything, but why not try to show him at his best.  They tried him, loved him and want to buy him.  Great, except that they took so long, and I didn’t get to get on until like 6 which is not prime riding time.  Everyone hungry for dinner, and it was super windy.  Plus we, I on Libby and my trainer on a little pony bareback (which was pretty funny) rode in the field, so much more freedom to go far for Libby.  She was such a good girl.   We had a crazy little pup following us the whole way, and I mean the whole way, and she was fine.  She’d probably make a great foxhunter, she just doesn’t care about dogs right near her feet. She was really great though, lazy but a bit fresh (she spooked at a neighbors garden shed, which consisted of her stopping not moving for a few minutes, despite my encouragement, and then walking fine away from it).  Overall a great ride, and I’m starting to feel really confident on her.  Happy day!  Here’s a picture my trainer caught on her cell of Libby, Oscar, and I. Love it!

You’d think he’d get tired….


14 thoughts on “June 20th, 2012

  1. Cute picture! I ordered the same girth! I am thinking about getting the sport boots too but can't decide. I worry they won't fit Houston's legs.

    Glad she is still Being such a good girl 🙂


  2. Hmm. See I feel like they won't close around his big legs. He has some pretty substantial bone. I am going to call and talk to customer service… But Houston doesn't fit in the category of “small warmblood” which is how they describe their large size.


  3. That so strange. I'd consider Libby big boned, and she has room in the boots. In fact the boots overlap a bit. But its up to you. You can always send them back for free!


  4. Well maybe I will try then. I am going to order a saddle pad for a friend so I will be making an order anyways… And they sent me a $10 gift card when I got my last order in the mail 🙂

    How are you planning to clean these boots?


  5. Its funny you say that you want to get a pad for your friend, I've been meaning to do the same thing for my friend, who also recently, a few months ago, got a new baby.

    They are actually machine washable! Easy to deal with, but I of course will only be air drying them.


  6. I am finally going to sit in one on Wednesday. It took forever for my dad to finalize the contract with the owner of the saddle to allow me to try it, and they are only giving me 10 days to try it, 6 of which I am on vacation since the contract write up took so long. I will definitely do a post on it when I sit in it on Wednesday and post pictures. I think the people I contacted to send me pictures might have forgotten about it lol


  7. BTW I have a feeling the one coming in is going to be too big, but should I like it anyways, I will probably order a new one, and will of course post something about the customer service of the company should I need to go that route.


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