June 26th, 2012

You all may have been wondering, wheres Shelley and Libby? I apologize for forgetting to say this in my last post, but since last Thursday, I’ve been on my tiny summer break.  Well I haven’t seen much of the sun this break, thanks to Tropical Storm Debby, and my plans to go home today have been squashed.  I was getting excited to try the saddle tomorrow, but this weather is just not cooperating.  Not like I’d be able to ride anyways, everythings flooded up up there. 

But the fitter has assured me that she’ll be available to me Thursday or Friday, which ever will be best for me to come up.  Of course, I’ll probably write a full post on that alone!

Hope everyone else is staying dry! Heres a cute pic of my pup Oscar and our family dog Rudy chewing on bones next to each other 🙂

Of course with Oscar on the big bed…


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