June 29th, 2012

I was really excited to ride today.  Yesterday was such a bad ride/day/experience, I really wanted to just wash it out of my memory.  Plus, I knew we were schooling over fences today 🙂 Went to get Libbers out of her stall, and she was laying down asleep.  If she gets night turnout, she almost ALWAYS sleeps the day away.  No I didn’t get any pictures, silly me, I was too busy trying to get her to wake up! When we finally got her up, got her tacked up and rode her out.  We tried a new bit with her today, we’ve been riding her in a gag, which is fine, but my trainer really wanted to work on the fact that sometimes she gets heavy.  We’ve been trying to work on her sitting back on her hind end, and working from her butt, not just taking the easy way out and running downhill.  So we tried a rubber jointed, short shanked pelham.  She did fine in it, I didn’t really feel a difference in it, until we were jumping.

Started to hack her around, and she felt awesome.  Shes the right amount of lazy, right amount of forward, and just the right amount of softness in the bridle for me.  When my trainer came back from dealing with the farrier, we started out by just trotting our course first, which went really easy.  I worked on really releasing her over and after the jump, of which I’ve REALLY improved on, and getting a consistent pace all around the course, which is actually tougher in the trot on her.  Did that one more time, and got a very consistent pace all the way around.  She was like butter in my hands, be it because of the new bit, or that she was just being awesome.  We then worked on cantering the course.  The first vertical, I only saw a long distance, had a mini panic attack and couldn’t decide whether I should ride her up to the long one, or fit another stride in. I decided to just go into two-point and take the long one.  Well Libby decided that was way too long, and did the right thing by adding in one more stride, totally saving my butt.  Its a good thing though that I had decided to grab mane and get up in my two-point early, it allowed me to really stay out of her way and she was able to correct me.  Good girl! Went to the diagonal, which she always seems very forward for, probably because its going back home to the barn, sat back, and woahed and she fit the stride in perfectly, without getting strong on the other side.  Simple change to the other outside line, which I couldn’t see anything for for whatever reason, but I just kept the same consistent pace and it worked out perfectly.  Onto the box, which for some reason Libby doesn’t like, and rode it nice a forward, and while it was a little longer then normal, I grabbed mane to be sure not to get her in the mouth and it worked out well.  I thought I was done, but my trainer yelled at the last minute OUTSIDE, so I again kept my pace.  This was the one I’d seen a huge distance to, so I was sure to add it in purposely, and it worked out awesome again.  I was so ecstatic, it felt so awesome, not to be nervous, to have everything flow so well.  Gave Libbs a huge pat and brought her in.  While she has her quirks (when shes in season, shes a bit fiery :o) ) I can live with them if she is like this 98% percent of our rides.  Shes just so easy going, so quiet, and we’ve already come so far in such a short amount of time.  Its hard to believe we’ve really only had her for about 2 months, and shes already gone from kind of rushing everywhere to relaxing quickly and taking the lead.  Its all very exciting!!

Called Beval today to see what saddles they would recommend out of their line that would fit her wide, flat back, and they recommended their new Artisan saddle, and the Devon.  And of course their Butet since it can be customized.  So those are more options to look into.

Haven’t heard back from CWD yet, but I’m curious to hear what they say.  Also curious to see what saddles me and my trainer will find this weekend shopping about.

And a good friend of mine called me yesterday to ask about consigning her horse with my trainer.  She has always had problems with him, hes totally got her number, and I think shes just realized that its no fun anymore.  I told her that this sport is way to expensive to not be having fun at least 80% of the time, and I think that really resonated with her.  I know how hard it is, I was there with my horse Huckleberry, but I was happy to share any experience with her and to offer my trainers services to her.  Me and my trainer are going to go to Blue Sky to see her horse on Sunday, so my trainer can ride him and get a feel for his training level.  It also gives her a chance to possibly look at some boarding places with me, since this hour drive is killing me.


5 thoughts on “June 29th, 2012

  1. I am so glad you guys had a good ride!!! 🙂 it's awesome to read about how much fun you're having with her.

    My last saddle was a Devon and it had the most narrow channel. Seriously no room for their spine. We're talking two fingers tight. And talk about uncomfortable… That saddle was the definition. And it's foam not wool. If that matters. Despite my terrible experience with Antares I'm giving a lot of thought into saving up and having them put custom panels in it for Hue. Just a lot to consider.

    And on your friend life is too short not to enjoy something that is supposed to be fun. That is what finally did it for me with Panda. It took over a year of not riding at all and then over a year of riding him to finally say okay… This has to change or I'm done. Hopefully she will figure it out and your trainer will be able to help her find him the right rider/ buyer. 🙂


  2. Yea, I'd sat in a Devon before and it was seriously like a rock. Would you redo it in their foam panels, or do wool, if they actually do them?

    And I hope she finds a solution for her own sake. He will probably be a tough sell, just for what he is, but it doesn't hurt to get him out there.


  3. Well supposedly you have to have it done in foam because they don't do wool obviously different reps tell different stories though… I think that the fit is doable for right now and definitely better than what I was riding in before so due to Houston's changing back I am going to see what I can do with this. The devon is seriously the most terrible saddle I have ever ridden in. SOOOO uncomfortable. And very slick IMO.

    I thought my horse would be a tough sell too but I ended up getting $500 more for him than I paid originally which was pretty much a miracle.


  4. I wish they did wool. It would be nice to have that leather in a wool saddle. And yea, I only say he might be a hard sell because he'll test the rider the first time they get on. Hard for people to try him…


  5. Eacactly. How the french models don't offer wool as a standard is beyond me. I guess with wool anyone can change it and with foam you pay upwards of $800 to adjust the panels so more money in their pockets?

    I know what you mean. A lot of horses do that I feel. But with the right rider they are super… I guess with horses like that you just have to price them accorfingly. Obviously a show record or something will help him a lot. I wish her the best of luck. I found equine.com to be great for listing my horse.


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