June 30th, 2012

Had another great ride today 🙂 Of course, when I got there, she was asleep.  Must be having some crazy nights outside 😉 After waking Lib up from her nap….

Do Not Disturb Me

Nice and white

Rode her in the big field at the barn, while my trainer rode her own green bean.  More like green ogre, hes 18 hands, and growing! Libby was lazy as per usual today.  I’m thinking I may have to start riding with a little spur, or a stick, since she feels like shes behind my leg when I hack her.  Like seriously behind my leg.  Hey, lazy better then crazy though right?!

Once we warmed up, we trotted the course that was set up in the field.  Outside crossrail, to diagonal box, to outside line. Not much but it was in a wide open field, which is always harder for the babies.  Did the crossrail, gave a nice release, no problem.  Onto the box, had the same approach, with the same results, nice and soft.  Trainer stopped me and said just do it all at the canter now.  Ok crossrail, keep the rhythm, again so soft.  Then to the box, uh well didn’t see anything and rushed her, and got her in the mouth.  Agh, I thought I was done with that!! Oh well, we continued on and did the line.  got in lovely and soft, and got out beautifully.  I made SURE to give her a wide release for the first, and second jump, and it worked to my advantage for sure.  I did get left behind a bit on the out of the line, but because I had given such a good release, she wasn’t affected by my being left behind.  Yay!! We decided to try the single diagonal again but unfortunately at that same moment, the horses across the street started running around, and Libby just couldn’t seem to get her attention away from them.  Let her cool her head a bit, and headed back for the diagonal.  First time I went back to it, she was very forward and rushy, and I caught her in the mouth again.  Ugh… Go to it again, and she was finally starting to relax, but a bit too much.  I took my leg off and she broke to the trot.  At least I didn’t catch her in the mouth that time.  Ok, this time for sure we’ll get it right.  Got her into the canter, had a nice rhythm, and it went perfectly. Didn’t catch her in the mouth!! Yay!  Its exciting when I can see my own improvement in such a short amount of time.

After riding, we made a trip to Ocala to look at some saddles that the tack stores might have.  To say I’m frustrated with the fitter right now is an understatement.  She hadn’t responded to any of my messages, and I felt like because I didn’t like the saddle she was really pushing, shes lost the commission of the saddle and therefor has lost interest in me.  Hmmm… My trainer also wasn’t impressed with her, but I have to believe she knows what shes talking about.  Anyways I looked at the saddles that they had there, and the one I really liked the most from their selection was a Prestige Passion D.  When I first saw it all I could think was, “Ew weird stirrup leather keeper, weird stitching, just weird and not conservative enough at all for my taste”.  But the leather was very soft, and the stitching looked really good, and it looked very well constructed.  And it felt awesome!!! Now it isn’t wool flocked, which at this point I don’t know if that is such a concern anymore, as long as whatever it is fits her.  It does have a slightly adjustable tree, I say slightly, because its not a changeable gullet, and its not like the genesis system used in MTL saddles.  It would have to be professionally done, but at least there would be an option. I sent a message to the fitter to see if they are worth considering for her, as well as a message on what size width would be good for her, since every makers wide is different, and she responded with a no on the Prestige.  Dang it, I really liked it! Ugh…  Saddle shopping is almost as bad as horse shopping!


4 thoughts on “June 30th, 2012

  1. She is just too cute.

    I considered prestiges but have never ridden in one. I just feel like with the foam it is hard to know what you can do because you can't adjust them at all. If a wool saddle has the right tree size and shape you can generally adjust them. I will admit that the fact that the foam “lasts longer” is a big enticer for me as I do plan to keep huey for a long time. Wool has to be redone and what not which can get expensive I have heard.


  2. Thanks! Huey can add those to his Libby collection 😉 And the one I sat in (on a model horse mind you, so it might feel different on Libby)it felt awesome. Nice grippy leather, and the knee blocks aren't enormous. And the seat is VERY comfy. You can squeeze it and see for yourself the cushion in the seat. Awesome!


  3. I feel sorry for myself too!! None of my friends have had this much trouble! Then again they all just did custom Antares, since my old barn was sponsored by them. And thank you!


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