July 3rd, 2012

Today was a bit hectic.  The second session of summer classes started Monday, so I was a bit behind in getting out to the barn.  Today, my friend who is selling her horse came out to the barn with me to have a lesson.  She actually rode one of the horses I’d tried when I was looking to for horses to buy, Odyen, the sweet, lazy, huge baby. She had a great ride, she hasn’t jumped anything in months so she was happy to get to go over a little course, and I think he was great for building her confidence back up.  It also helps to further her decision along in the sense that my trainer trained Oddy from the ground up, so it kind of gives her an idea of the training that would go into her horse, should she choose to sell it with my trainer.

Onto Libby.  She was great to hack today, felt nice a fluid.  We flatted with my friend and then let her have her jumping session.  I stayed in the ring to watch, but Libby was not happy with that decision.  She became so upset, it made me think that she might be going back into heat, which is not good.  She just came out of it!  After my friend had her lesson, we walked around the field to cool them out, Libby was still not thrilled, and just talked about everything.  She was so happy to be able to get on a horse and have a good ride, and I totally understand where shes coming from. My first horse Huckleberry and I were not a good match, and when I finally got on a different horse after being afraid on him for so long, it felt so good.  I’m sure thats what she was feeling riding Odyen. I was so happy for her, and glad that she came out 🙂

When we brought the horses back in the barn, the stallion there was calling for Libby, and she did something I’ve never seen her do before ever.  She went to paw at him! I quickly let her know that that behavior was not allowed but it makes me wonder if she is going into heat again :-/  If so I may have to look into Regumate or something.

And an update on my saddle woes.  Fitter finally texted me back today, letting me know the gullet would need to be at least 5″ on a CWD, since I guess thats what she thinks is the next option.  She’ll also need just a standard panel, which is weird since I thought she was so flat, shed need something special but I guess not.  So now I’m hunting for the wide CWD, which I’m finding is like totally nonexistent used.  I’m putting a call into the CWD rep in FL to see if he has anything, but I’m not to hopeful.  And I don’t have 5k to shell out for a new one so I might have to look into something else.  Again. Have I mentioned I hate saddle shopping?


9 thoughts on “July 3rd, 2012

  1. Bummer. Have you looked at all of the used saddle sites? They offer trials and might have a wide 🙂 I love cwd but I have never seen a used one go for under 2500-3000 unless It had some wierd custom flap etc. there's one on eBay now that's for 2390 I think but it's not a wide and I didn't see if they offered trials. I'll keep an eye out for ya 🙂


  2. I have with no luck. I put an email into the local CWD rep to see if he has anything available. I'm at my wits end with this fitter. I thought she was going to help me find a saddle but it seems like since that one saddle didn't fit shes trying to wipe her hands clean of me. I honestly don't know what to do. I have been looking up a lot of stuff regarding Prestige saddles, and I'm wondering why she said no to them. I've also contacted ADT about their Gazelle saddle. This is too hard!


  3. Yeah it seems like she isn't being too helpful!!! Ugh… isn't the point that she is supposed to help you find something?!

    What were the people who had her before you using on her? I know they didn't do hj but it would be interesting to know what they found worked.

    Ugh hoping you find something!


  4. Thats what I thought I was paying her for!! The people before didn't ride her consistently, more so did it to remind her she was a riding horse, and she had the cold-backed problem there. I think they were using a monoflap Antares, but I can't be too sure. What I do remember is that it was BRIGHT orange. I hope I find something too!


  5. If you aren't having good luck with your fitter and you do want to try Black Country I would do it through Trumball Mtn.

    I haven't actually bought a saddle with them but they were helpful when I called and they have a really self intuitive way to get tracings and send them so they can recommend a saddle that works best for you 🙂


  6. Do they recommend saddles that aren't in their product line as well? The main problem I'm finding is that many saddle have blocks that are just way to big for me. And in looking at the saddles on their site, it looks that way for those saddles too.


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