July 6th, 2012

Wednesday, due to food poisoning, I wasn’t able to make it out to the barn.  But I felt well enough yesterday, just a bit dehydrated. 

We got out and my trainer had me video tape her riding Odie for someone up north who was interested in him.  Is it strange to say that I like videoing horses, a lot.  For a second it made me think maybe I wanted to be part of a company like Catchride, where they video the shows and horse related events.  Anyways, he was a good boy, and then it was time for me a Libby.  Of course, right when I got on, the wind started picking up, and it seemed like there was a storm coming.  Libby was a bit sensitive, not in a bad way though, and was listening the whole time.  We schooled on the flat in the pelham, to help her lift her front end, and then we changed it out to the loose ring for jumping.  We really didn’t do to much with the over fences, only a couple of jumps, but she was feeling awesome.  My trainer even put the jumps up a bit for us, and Libby felt so fluid underneath me.  Since I’ve been doing an awesome job of not getting in her way and letting go over the jump, yay me, shes using her back and neck over fences so much more.  Its an awesome feeling to be able to get her to lift her back and lower her head over fences.  It just felt awesome!

Trainer ride tomorrow, then she gets the day of Saturday, since shes been such a good girl, and hack on Sunday. 

On the saddle front:  I was thinking maybe a Tad Coffin would work.  Gotta contact the fitter and see what she thinks. 


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