July 12th, 2012

Due to rain, and school, I wasn’t able to get out to the barn until today.  A whole week!! To say I missed it would be an understatement. 

Got out a bit after four, just late enough for it to be cooled off. Got on Libby, and she was in a mood! Hacked her out in the field, and she was just all over the place.  Spooking here, rushing here, just not normal Libby.  It was a ride where not a lot could be accomplished, and it was more so just getting her to focus on me. Oh well.  I figure if shes awesome 98% of the time, I can deal with a random day of baby-brain. 

Was supposed to take pictures of her shoulder for a friend who deals with saddles, but my phone battery only lasts like 40 minutes now. 😦 For those techies out there, I’ve been struggling with the decision to either upgrade my phone now, or wait a couple more months for the new iphone.  Ugh I can’t decide!! And I still haven’t gotten a camera yet. 

On the saddle front: As I said, I have a friend up north that deals with saddles and I was telling her all about my saddle journey, and how hard its been to find anything to fit.  She asked me all sorts of questions, mostly about my fitter, asking if shes a dressage rider, how long shes been working as a fitter, ect.d.  She was explaining that most of the saddle fitters she knows that ride dressage have been strange to work with, and they have searched for reasons why certain saddles can’t work.  She was surprised that the fitter said that whole brands wouldn’t fit Libby, as lots of brands have different panels, trees, combinations of everything, that saying a certain brand wouldn’t fit is kind of out there.  Which was kind of what I was thinking.  I called the CWD rep, and hes trying to make time to possibly come out this weekend to take a look at her, and see what could work.  The thing that I am happiest about having him out, is that because CWD does trade ins, they have lots of used saddles that aren’t just CWD.  So I’ll be able to try a lot of different brands, and styles. 

Also, I learned recently that Ollie was purchased by someone.  I still stay in contact with his old owner, she is very nice and was so understanding during the whole lameness thing. and she was telling me all about his new owner.  Now while she was telling me this, I was watching “Say Yes To The Dress”, on TLC, and the new owner WAS ON THE SHOW!! How weird is that!!!  Ollie is now with a barn that winters in Wellington, so hopefully I’ll be able to see him now and then 🙂


6 thoughts on “July 12th, 2012

  1. I would wait for the new iPhone. Thats what I'm doing. I bought a cheapie external battery and keep a charger in my car at all times.

    Good for Ollie. Hopefully he's doing well. The mare I almost bought is apparently still lame which is a bummer. I try not to think about it too much though.


  2. Yea, I think thats what I'm going to end up doing… Its just so far away!! And I'm sorry to hear that about her. I remember when you were posting stuff about her on COTH. I think Ollies doing good, I just hope he doesn't break down on them :-/


  3. Yeah I was really heartbroken. But then Hue fell into my lap so i guess it all works out. Hopefully Ollie will be fine.

    The one I got gives me like 6 hours of batter I think. It is kinda awkward looking but it does the trick. I feel like my phone is always plugged in…. I turned my brightness way down and it never vibrates which helps. I feel your pain though!


  4. I'm thinking the pre-vetting might not have found anything… Otherwise I know they wouldn't have bought him. We technically couldn't find anything wrong, but when the vet said it is probably neurological, I threw in the towel. Sometimes with neuro problems, you only see the lameness sometimes. At least thats what the two vets were trying to explain to me, you never know when he'd show up lame


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