July 13th, 2012

Today went to the barn with my friend who is selling her horse with my trainer to have a lesson.  My trainer has given my friend an awesome opportunity, to ride and show Odyen, the OldenburgX baby, so my friend was really excited.  Got out to the barn, after driving through some rain, and hurried to get a ride in before the rains came. 

Rode Libby in the gag today, just to switch things up, and she was okay.  She really starting to test me now, which is fine, just means she’ll eventually respect me.  I had to be very stern with her, after her constantly falling behind my leg and bulging, and gave her a good whack on the bum.  She was very surprised by that, but really starting listening afterwards.  I hate to get so strict with her, I like being the nice mommy, but enough was enough.  Flatted her, she was doing good, and my trainer said she wanted us to try her lead changes today, just one, to introduce me to them on her.  Had to really set her up, but we got them on the first try, without her getting fast, or bulging!! Yay!! Her changes are very smooth, almost feels like a regular canter stride.  After that we chilled out for a couple minutes while I watched my friend flat and school a couple of fences.  Then it was our turn.  I think because I was so stern with Libs in the beginning, she was a bit anxious as we started jumping, rushing things a little.  It didn’t help that even though she was rushing, she still felt to slow so I kept pushing her forward.  I was instructed to push her through the turn, then take my leg off slightly, and she came back to being normal Libby.  We ended on a small little oxer, which Libby jumped awesome, and sat in the shade to watch my friend school the jumps a little more.  I was so proud of myself, for one getting the change on the first try, and two, for working Libby out of her nervousness, and ending on a good note.  After our ride we were all talking in the barn, and my trainer explained that shes kind of glad Libbys starting to test me, because it gives us more to work on.  When shes always good, theres not a whole lot to correct.  Which is true.  Plus I like knowing that when I eventually move her closer to me, I’ll be able to correct and deal with her when she isn’t perfect. 

Gave her lots of treaties and loved on her after our ride.  She gets the day off tomorrow then I ride again on Sunday.


5 thoughts on “July 13th, 2012

  1. Glad you had a good lesson. I think hue is also at the testing stage and its always rewarding to work through something and get his compliance haha.

    How have the bell boots you got from smart pak held up? I'm thinking about adding a pair to my order.


  2. Exactly lol. Not that I don't hate when shes good, but its nice to know that I can deal with her myself, and I don't need to get off for my trainer to fix her.

    I actually ordered them a size to small, and didn't return them. Hopefully someone else at the barn will get them from me so I can get her some. She isn't in desperate need of them anyways, but I got them just in case. They were really well constructed in my opinion, and the velcro looked sturdy. I'd say a good purchase, but Huey will probs need at least a large. They run a bit small..


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