July 15th, 2012

Libbers got the day off on Sunday, and I went out to hack her today.  Pulled her out of the stall, and got her all groomed up.  Shes been getting a little fungus on her back legs, just from being out at night and the dew in the morning I guess, so I was currying away.  Shes so much more used to being groomed, and I like to say she likes it.  When I first got her, since she was just in a broodmare field, they didn’t do to much with her, so I think it was kind of new to her.  Not saying she was a wild, untouched horse, but its different for her going from being groomed maybe once every two weeks, to once a day, and I think she enjoys the change.  She always falls asleep on the crossties, so cute.

Got on, and boy was she lazy today.  We decided to just hack her, since her feet were kind of long, and the skies had just opened up so it was a bit slick out in the ring.  I’m sure she didn’t mind.  But man it was work getting her to move! I asked if it would be a good idea to ride in spurs next time, and my trainer thought my leg was strong enough, so yay! Did a couple of simple changes on her, since we already know shes a flying change champ, we don’t want to overdo it, can’t stand horses that always think that since they are going across the centerline they are doing a change.  Overall she was a very good girl, and I was really happy with my ride.  Its all coming together, I don’t need constant supervision on her, like I felt like I needed with Ollie.  She takes care of me, and I trust her to not do anything too bad, i.e. spook and run, you know, baby stuff.  Its a great feeling!  Shes really turned out to be my dreamhorse!!  Lazy, beautiful, and for the most part bombproof, which I think she will be once shes matured a bit more.  Just goes to show that everything happens for a reason, and while I’m sure Ollie, if he stayed sound, could have turned into a lovely horse, I think it would have taken a lot longer, and I honestly don’t think we could have gotten to where I am now with Libby as fast as we did.  I’m just a happy owner 🙂

Took some pictures of Libby’s shoulder yesterday to send to a saddle fitting friend up in MA, and she agreed with what I was feeling, that yes, Libby is on the wider side, but by no means is she SUPER wide.  I’m really interested to see what the CWD fitter says when he comes out this week.

Left shoulder
Right shoulder

On another note, we got a new barn kitten.  She was very malnourished when we first got her, and while she might not have the prettiest coloring, she has the best personality in my opinion out of all the kittens.  Very bold, and playful.  And Oscar LOVES her, its his baby!

She was posing!

You all might be wondering why Oscar is on a leash, and thats because on Friday he was a very bad puppy. We think he was playing with a neighbors dog who always comes on the property, and followed him out.  But when I called him to come back, he ran away from me!! That means pup is on leash for a while. 

Riding Schedule: Monday Trainer ride, Tuesday off, Wednesday trainer ride, Thursday lesson, Friday hack, Saturday hack, Sunday lesson.


5 thoughts on “July 15th, 2012

  1. Thanks!! Its so satisfying to see everything working out well! I've already been thinking, very early stages since I'm not going to breed her for quite some time, but I was thinking out of some of the stallions available today who I would breed her with. Sorry Houston, I don't think your eligible lol


  2. Haha yeah it's a good thing I don't have a mare or I would be “boyfriend” shopping for her all the time. There are so many nice studs out there… Hue is very jealous though. He'll gladly be a placeholder in the meantime though! lol.


  3. Oooooo babies!!!! One day I will pick a perfect mare and stallion to make me a perfect baby!!! lol

    Back on track, Libby looks great! I hope you are getting somewhere with the saddle “drama” 🙂


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