July 19th, 2012

So after a couple of days of just straight awfulness, I was extremely excited to see my girl! My friend, whose horse is coming in for training this week, also came with for a lesson on Odie.  We decided to go to the Tack Shack of Ocala first, since she needed some stuff for the upcoming show, and I really just needed to get out of my apartment.  She tried on a wrap collar show shirt, which she bought (I’m super jealous!), and tried on some breeches, I wanna say Pikeur, which were nice.  I’m just wearing the stuff I have from the last show I was at, which was a while ago. I totally hadn’t realized until a few weeks ago that embroidering your collars has now fallen out of style.  Just goes to show just how long ago its been since I’ve shown!!!

Got to the barn and it was drizzling out a bit, and the horses were all getting the feet done.  We just sat and talked for a little while, which felt so relaxing.  There’s something about just sitting at the barn, taking in the everything horsey, and talking with fellow horse people.  Nothing better in my opinion.

After Libby and Odie got their feet done, we tacked them up and headed out to the field.  We were trying a new bit on Libby, a level one Myler, to see how she liked it.

She was great to flat in it, but when it came to jumping, I had no lifting power, and she started to get heavy,  so we switched it back to the pelham for over fences.  Considering that we think shes back in heat, she was AWESOME! She was great to flat, light as a feather really.  And she was good to jump.  We even got another lead change, which we weren’t supposed to do, oops.  Yea, she got a bit strong, but I didn’t get flustered, it didn’t make me nervous really at all.  And you could tell she wasn’t being malicious about it, just got so much momentum going that I couldn’t really pick her back up.  I was really happy with our ride, and it really lifted my spirits.

I also, for the first time, put Oscars e-collar on and left him out when I was riding.  I instructed my trainer, who is awesome to help me with this, to press the button whenever I said leave it and he wouldn’t listen.  At first he just ignored it and continued following me, but he finally got the message when I got more stern in my voice, and went to sit somewhere!! While we were riding!! I have the perfect barn dog now 🙂

Onto the saddle saga: CWD rep was supposed to come out Friday, but he called me telling me he couldn’t.  He hadn’t realized Venice was 3 hours away from Palatka, not 1.5 hours.  I don’t know where he got that 1.5 hours from, but I’m really bummed.  He said the earliest he could probably get out would the the 30th.  I’ve decided that I should probably bring in the saddles my friend has in MA to try, and see if any of those work.  I need something now!!!! This is way too frustrating…


7 thoughts on “July 19th, 2012

  1. I'm glad you had such a great ride on Libby! And jealous about Tack Shack… I wish I were closer. I'm going to get my mare's show halter from them.


  2. Glad libby was good. Someone suggested I try a myler with the bit loops that adds leverage but for now I think I am sticking with the elevator. Might try the pelham tomorrow if I get brave.

    Glad Libby is being good and Oscar is getting the lay of the land at the barn. 🙂

    Bummer about still not having a saddle. That just flat stinks. Do you have a county rep in your area? Ours is great. I don't have a county but I just heard that she has been selling some of her demos in a really reasonable range (2100) so if/ when I sell this saddle and try to look for a new one I might go that route. It would depend if they had a demo of what you wanted that fit her though obviously.


  3. I hadn't realized until like yesterday, but my friend has a custom County Stabilizer that I've ridden in before, and I hated it. So no go on the County for me.


  4. I totally know what you mean about the embroidered collar on your show shirt!!! I am (well was) so out of touch too!

    I love hang out/chatting time at the barn!! 🙂

    Dang when you find a saddle it better last you forever with all the drama you have gone through!!!


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