July 20th, 2012

Had another great day on the girly.  My trainer rode Superfly (a gorgeous horse who is a half brother to Shutterfly, but has a ‘tude) and while he was being a pill, Libby was being awesome.  This is by far the best heat shes been in.  She hasn’t squealed once, hasn’t been “fiery” and sensitive undersaddle once, and she hasn’t been cold backed (we had a feeling it might have been due to her back muscles being sore and during her cycle, rather then the saddle not fitting).  I’m so proud of her. 

So today I started out just hacking her.  We tried her in a different port Myler bit, which I actually liked a lot.  I can’t find a picture of it, but it has a larger port then the other one I tried, and has copper rollers on it, which I think she liked.  She was nice and soft, and actually a bit looky, but her being “looky” is just that, she looks around, nothing more.  If anything she gets slower, since she has to take her time to look at whatever it is.  Silly girl.  She was being so good that we decided to pop her over a few fences, just to see how the bit worked for us over fences.  Trotted over the little vertical, and she was lazy lazy over it.  Went straight to the line and I got her in too slow, had to rush her out a bit, and she got a bit strong on the out, but just by a hare.  Stopped her on a straight line, and backed her up a step, and did it again.  This time everything worked, got in nice and forward, but not too forward, and just flowed out in the add.  Went around to the blue, of which I got her a bit deep to, but I gave a huge release and made sure not to get in her way.   My trainer said I am starting to cover up my missed distances nicely, which is a huge improvement. YAY!  (Her philosophy is that while not everyone can get the same distance to eight jumps every time, the top riders look like they do because they learn to disguise whatever distance they get.  That’s what makes a great hunter rider.) Went around to the wall, which is the highest jump I’ve jumped Libby yet, 3′ not like she cares, and just flowed to it.  It was awesome! I love this mare so much, I’m a bit obsessed.

I’ve been so stressed out lately with school that to have a nice ride like this is just what I really need.  It makes everything worth while, and not even the hour drive, and the fact that I don’t even have my own saddle matters.  I’m so excited for the show next weekend!

On the saddle front:  So I think I shared with everyone how the CWD rep got confused and actually can’t come out till the 30th.  So I have decided to bring in a couple of saddles from my friend in MA.  She found me a 16.5 wide tree Butet with the new FB2 panels, and a 17 CWD, both that are fairly new.  Because I know that the Butet that I’ve been riding in now, my trainers, does fit her, just is a bit tight, I’m thinking I’m probably going to go with that saddle.  But we’ll see! Here are some pictures of the two saddles. 

This is the Butet. 

Looks so nice!
This is the CWD.  I would hope I could oil the panels a bit darker. 

On the barn front: Forgot I was still looking huh? So me and my friend have been telling my trainer about the barn thats in Gainesville for sale that might work for her.  It needs a bit of work, paint, pressure washing, mats in the stalls, new footing and the paddocks need to be separated, but the bones are good.  Heres the link.  Again needs work, but its a nice size, and would be SO MUCH CLOSER.  So I think shes humoring me by taking a look at it when were in Gainesville for the show.  I can dream right!?


8 thoughts on “July 20th, 2012

  1. I do to. I feel bad, only a little though, about trying out some saddles that the fitter said might not work, like the Butet. But she had said that my trainers fit her, just was going to be a bit narrow in the future once she fills out more, so I don't feel too bad lol. Plus my friend is willing to let me try it without even paying her, which is AWESOME! SO I am under no obligations or anything. Very cool.


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