July 22nd, 2012

This is my 100th post!!! Thank you everyone who actually reads my ramblings, and has stayed with me through all the ups and downs life has provided me with!!

To current news, just went out and hacked Libby.  Rode her in the Myler bit that I rode her in on Friday and she was awesome.  It was REALLY windy outside, a storm was rolling in, so we rode in nice cool weather, for the first time in about a month.  Libby was a bit looky, but like I explained last time, she just looks, nothing more.  I didn’t do to much, walk, trot, cantered both ways with simple changes thrown in, and she was awesome.  I’m in the boat of if shes good, let her be done.  So we spent most of our ride standing between the two trees in the ring, watching my trainer school one of the other horses, Superfly.  It was very relaxing, and nice to just sit back with the breeze.

Won’t be going to see her until Thursday, unfortunately.  But, in exciting news, the saddle is coming in this week!!! Sorry this is such a short update.  I leave you with a couple pics of Libby grazing after our ride. 

Shes so black, with no bleaching!
Such a pretty girl, even when shes being a piggy


8 thoughts on “July 22nd, 2012

  1. Libbers is so cute!! It's great that she hasn't gotten bleached. Houston's coat looked fried for a bit there. And yay about the saddle! That is great. Crossing my fingers it works for you.


  2. Thanks! And I'm so surprised she hasn't yet. I had always heard that sweat bleaches them out faster, and since its been so hot, I'm sure shes been sweatin… Not that I'm complaining! And I know! So exciting!


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