July 24th, 2012

Yesterday, I was so excited, because my friend who has decided to sell her horse, was bringing her horse to my trainers.  I know that he’ll get a lot of help, and possibly be a horse she would want to keep after training, he just needs a pro for a month or two. 

Onto my ride.  We got tacked up, and it started to pour, so we decided to try and wait a bit until the rain stopped.  Well it stopped like 45 minutes later, a lot later then we thought.  The horses were not happy.  Libby and Odie were both, um strange.  Libby was being spooky, like actually spooky, and Odie was being um, playful I guess is the word.  Two things totally out of the norm for these two horses.  But, while I do love having my sweet easy Libbers all the time, her being a pill really challenges me, but in a good way.  She is never dangerous, so it gives me a lot to work on.  We tried a different bit today, a slow twist loose ring, which my trainer is convinced will be her bit.  I don’t know if I necessarily like it as much as I liked the second Myler I tried, but maybe that was because Libby was just not listening.  I tried bringing her down by cantering around a bit, and trotting around for a little while.  She was so obsessed with the paddock across the street, that has horses turned out in it at night, I couldn’t get her to focus on me at all.  Let her sit for a minute and hoped she would forget being spookish while my friend put Odie through his paces.  Woke her up to trot her over a cross rail on the side of the ring by the road, and she spooked, like an actual spook.  Turned her back to whatever she was looking at, sent her off into a forward trot, and went on to the cross rail like nothing happened.  Went on to the vertical which she did fine, but still wasn’t listening to me 100%.  Let her forget about it again while Odie went.  Then we went on to canter back and forth over the blue, which she did fine, but of course got strong going home.  At this point the next door neighbor decided she had to pick up brush in her yard, which of course Libby focused on instead of me.  We sat for a minute to let Odie go, since he could care less, and then went on to an actual course.  Blue went fine, even the wall felt good.  But the line was kind of eh.  Got in with enough step to just flow out, so I sat still and allowed, and she felt awesome UNTIL she spooked over the out and bulged so quick.  At this point I was missing my usual pony, and getting a little angry, I mean shes been ridden in this ring countless times.  Did the line again, and she did the same thing, great through the line, just spooky out.  I allowed her, which I never do, to see the bush next to the jump, just to show her that nothing was there, and tried it one more time, to which this time she was anticipating my correcting her and veered left.  Ah babies… Decided to do the course one more time and she was actually pretty awesome, felt like she was actually listening, so we ended on that. 

Like I’ve said before, if I have to deal with one of these days in a while I’m fine with it.  I can’t expect her to be perfect at all times, thats just unrealistic. 

After the ride we were all standing in the ring just chatting and my trainer was saying how proud she was of me.  A couple of months ago, had Libby had a day like this, I would have been super nervous, and might have even have come off, since I was so weak.  I feel so much stronger in my riding, then I have been in a long time! Can’t wait for this weekend!


4 thoughts on “July 24th, 2012

  1. Glad that you felt confident in your ride. It is hard to remember that they do still have their moments especially when they have been so good. I would say maybe try the bit again when you're not having a freak situation where she is totally goofy and scatter brained. Might warrant a 2nd try. 🙂

    Looking forward to hearing about the saddle fit! 🙂 Fingers crossed for you.


  2. I totally know what you mean.. i find myself expecting Henry to be good every ride. BUT that isn't realistic haha!

    Glad you felt more comfortable and were able to stick with it, that is awesome!!! 🙂


  3. Yea I'm definitely going to try it again. One day where shes listening from the start and not fighting with me. Me too!! It says on the online tracking that it'll be here the 30th which is the Monday after the horse show. So excited!!!


  4. I know. I basically expect a robot, of which she obviously isn't lol. And yep, I think thats what was so awesome. Even though she was a nut, it didn't phase me, and that excites me 🙂


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