July 27th, 2012

Schooling day! Got out to the show, and I could already feel the nerves coming on.  Got out there and Libby was gross.  She must’ve rolled a million times in her own poop and pee, and just laid down in it, because she had crust everywhere.  Not very lady like.  After I cleaned her off, and made her presentable to the public, I brought her to a far ring to lunge her for a bit.  It was hot, so I only really did 2 laps of walk, trot and canter both ways, and brought her in.  Then hosed her off and stuck her in the stall to watch my friend ride the baby and my trainer ride one of the older ladies horse.

 Well all that time sitting and watching others ride set my nerves off bad.  By the time it was my turn to ride, I was so nervous I didn’t even want to tack up.  But I did, my trainer talked some sense into me, and got on.

First rode her in the little schooling ring in front of the covered ring, which is where we were showing, and she was great.  A little up, but only looky, not spooky, and she was slow, but with just the right amount of pickup.  There was another rider in the ring on another, less quiet baby that we had to watch out for, which kind of made more alert, but I handled it, and so did Libby.  Trainer instructed us to trot the little crossrail, to which Libby just trotted over, no large leaps or anything, so we just went right into the covered ring.

Well let me tell you that ring was crazy.  There was a little chestnut running around like a wild thing, and a huge galumphing bay that made the ground shake with every foot fall.  And I felt like no one knew the rules of schooling:

  1. Left shoulder, left shoulder 
  2. If you are not used to the above rule, call it, don’t assume people can read your mind when you don’t even know where your going yourself.  
  3. It is not the right time to stop and back up your horse when there are horses trying to jump the line you’ve just blocked.  Go into the center of the ring or wait a second for them to pass.
  4. Finally, just be mindful of the other people in the ring, and treat them the same way you’d want to be treated.

So we started out trotting a single that was actually a wide bale of hay with lots of underbrush.  Libby cleared it no problem.  Onto the line which had planters filled with palms that were swaying in the breeze on either side.  Libby said,”what palms?” Pretty much everything I asked her to do, she did, and I loved it.  I was still nervous, but she wasn’t being frazzled by my nerves, she was being my rock, something I really needed.  I love her!! Hopefully our friend will be taking pictures of us tomorrow!


4 thoughts on “July 27th, 2012

  1. My biggest pet peeve is when Pippi don't have open arena etiquette! Drives me nuts! How hard is it to yell “Outside!”, “Outside line!”, “Broken Line!” Oh the nerve of some people. And if my horse is having a hard time over one jump let me let her take a look at it for .5 seconds instead of yelling at me to move. Oh people suck!
    Sorry for the rant but I'm super happy Libby was a champ for you and good luck this weekend(:


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