August 2nd, 2012

Were at August already??  Wow times flies.  Anyways not too much of an update today, except for some saddle fitting pictures!!  Of course right when I got to the barn with the new BEAUTIFUL saddle, it started lightning and thundering out.  I hurried to get her cleaned up to tack her up, she was a dirt ball, but the skies opened up before I could get a chance to sit in it.  I’ll try it out tomorrow, but look at how nicely it fits her!!! There were no tight spots that would show pressure points or anything anywhere, and the shoulder freedom in this panel system is AWESOME! I love it already and I haven’t even sat in it.  Thats what tomorrows for though 🙂

Not a great photo, but it sits very nicely on her back, with no tightness anywhere!

Nice and smooth fitting, and this panel system has nice shoulder freedom.
Which you can see much better here. 

Just wanted to add something that I totally forgot to write.  We were looking at her today with the saddle on, and I noticed that shes a bit butt high.  My little girl is growing 🙂


10 thoughts on “August 2nd, 2012

  1. Crossing my fingers that it works for you both! Looks great so far! What a pretty saddle!!! 🙂 And growing… Hue and I know all about that. Maybe he gave her an inch haha. He certainly doesn't need any more!


  2. We'll find out today!! Lol I'm hoping she caps out at 16.2 but I know it'll more likely be around 16.1 with change. I don't care though she fits me now, not like I need her any bigger. And yes Hue needs to stop! You should see one of my trainers greenie, hes 4 yrs old now and 17.3 at the withers, but like 18.1 at his croup. Hes massive!!


  3. Oh geez. If Houston doesn't stop before 17.2 I might lose it. 18.1!!!!! That is ridiculous. Houston is like 5 and 3 months now and still not level and I think still growing. I used a tape to measure him today and I think he is at 17.1 now at his withers but it is hard to tell with the tape. I am hoping someone will let me borrow their stick one of these days. 16.1 is a great size IMO. Heck the first two horses I almost bough were 15.3 and then 15 hands. I loved it!


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