August 5th, 2012

  Today was a very productive day for me.  The weather was AWFUL, drizzly, rainy, awful.  I got all tacked up and got on, and Libby was kind of rushy/all over the place like yesterday.  But we put her brain to good use today, making her do the “circle of death” over poles.  This is very hard for both of us, mainly because she was in “powerhouse” mode, and because my eye isn’t to great. 

  We started out doing spiral ins at the canter, to get her to really sit down on her butt, and soften her up.  That in itself is like the biggest workout on her, because she doesn’t like to put forth any extra effort, so I end up being the one actually supplying all this energy to make her move.  Its exhausting!  We then started the “circle of death” exercise off of the left, and man it was tough on me.  We gradually made the circle smaller and smaller, really making her move off my leg and off her butt.  She was being great, and was trying her hardest to do what I was asking.  Then the skies opened up, and we scrambled to get in the barn, so I didn’t soak my brand spanking new saddle, and we waited under covering for a bit for the rain to subside.
   I was so sure when we brought her back out she was going to be AWFUL, as many babies are when they are brought in then out to ride again, but I think at that point she was already pretty tired, and just wasn’t going to put up a fight.  So we did the exercise on our right lead, which is her stronger side, and it took us much less time to get it right.  We were flowing, gellin’, feeling good!  Walked her out, and gave her lots of treaties :-).  Don’t know if I’m going out tomorrow, but will for sure be out there Tuesday. 


3 thoughts on “August 5th, 2012

  1. Yay good girl!!

    So mnaybe this is a sterio type (like all people from CA surf- which actually i do know how to ha!) but I thought Florida had nice weather during the summer?!


  2. HA no way… It pours everyday, guaranteed. Since I live in Gainesville, in the middle of the state, there aren't any breezes to break up the humidity from the rain, so its always 95+, with practically 100% humidity. Its like drinking when you breath…


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