August 7th, 2012

  Monday I was in a test, so I had my phone off.  When I was finished I turned my phone on, and saw four calls from my trainer, and a text saying to call when I can.  She always would text me if it was something like “Libby was good,” or “Libby was a brat today,” so I was very nervous.  I had thought she’d cast in the stall, or coliced badly, something horrific.  So I called and she explained to me that Libby had something similar to a charlie horse today.

  I had no idea that horses could even get charlie horses, so she explained what had happened from the beginning.  She had gotten on her, and she felt very stiff and a bit off.  She got off to check her legs again, no heat or anything, and she was moving around so it wasn’t like she was tying up.  She called the vet, who explained that she is salt deficient, and isn’t breaking down the lactose in her muscles efficiently.  Since she had a hard week from the show, and then had a hard workout on Saturday, all that lactose that wasn’t being broken down just built up.  Supposedly, large boned mare are more prone to this in hot weather, who knew?  So she just got a small dose of banamine, and was fine within the hour, but shes getting a couple days off. 

  Poor Libby.  Charlie horses are painful, and if that was exactly what she had I feel bad for her.  We are looking into changing her feeding regimen, to get more salt in her, since she wont touch a salt block and also will sift the electrolytes out of her food.  It might just be that she doesn’t like the apple flavored ones, so I’ll look into the different electrolytes SmartPak has. 

  Anyways, since she is getting time off, I got on the jumper today.  He was actually in the show “Horse Power: Road to the Maclays” that was on Animal Planet, then his name was Sir Galahad.  He was so strange to ride, his trot was so smooth, he had no impulsion.  His canter was so smooth, so easy to equitate on.  I went across the diagnol and before I could even get a chance to ask, he’d already changed his lead.  So made on the flat!  We trotted over a crossrail, and he decided he was going to do bronco moves.  After every jump, and not just little ones either.  My trainer asked me if I wanted to continue and just canter a jump before we got electrocuted, since the weather had turned for the worst, and I was honest and declined. No sense in getting hurt on a horse thats leaving for sale anyways, so its not like I would be able to work on these things with him again.  Hes more of a pro ride over fences, and I am now the epitome of an ammy rider over fences, so my pride isn’t hurt that much.  Hey, at least I can say I flatted a semi-famous horse!

I’ve come to a point in my riding where I don’t care if I only ride my mare.  I know riding other horses is good for your riding, and there was a time when I wanted to ride everything in the barn.  But now, I’m so satisfied with my mare, I honestly could care less.  If anything, riding other horses like him make me appreciate my girl that much more. 🙂


10 thoughts on “August 7th, 2012

  1. Poor Libby! Maybe their pelleted electrolytes she'll find palatable? Get a free sample!

    I don't remember a horse named “Sir Galahad” in Horsepower, do you remember his previous barn name?


  2. They do free samples??

    And I don't either, but supposedly he was in it. We are having a “Maclay Night” this week and we'll watch the whole series, so I'll let you know if hes in it or not.


  3. He could have been cut from the final edit too, since they followed lots more riders but featured the more “interesting and cohesive” stories.

    Yep they do free samples, just call and ask for the electrolyte pellet sample since she is finicky eater. 🙂


  4. Yes! Smartpak is the best about that. When I ordered Houston's first Smartpak I didn't even think about him being picky and he wouldn't touch it. Not only did SP give me a full refund (store credit) they told me to donate the supplements. They are the bomb. I feel like they have a liquid you can put on their grain? Have you thought about the fancy salt block things?

    Hopefully you'll be able to get it sorted out quickly.


  5. Henry picks out the grain around the electrolytes too! Im going to try the pellets, thanks L! 🙂

    Shelley- I am glad that Libby is ok… i hate the “give me a call” messages!! haha


  6. Fancy blocks meaning salt blocks? She has access to one now, just isn't to infatuated with it.

    I put a call into them and am having free samples of the Smartlyte pellets and Mare Magic, why not?, shipped to me. The SmartPak rep was probably the most cheerful person I've ever talked to in a customer service setting.


  7. My super picky eater who wouldn't touch a salt block ate the smartlyte pellets well. My horse recently had some blood tests done because of some strange issues he's having and he came back high in potassium (among other things) so I had to take him off of the smartlytes. The vet told me to put him on sea salt (so it's not iodized) and he surprisingly eats it fine. It's really scary because my horse was only on the smartlytes and a multi-vitamin (the supplement company recommended more than I was giving him even!) in addition to his regular feed (which he gets less than the recommended amount of). Made me think differently about giving supplements. Maybe try the sea salt first before getting something contains other ingredients she may not need.

    I enjoy your blog!


  8. I was able to buy a pretty big container of it at the grocery store. We actually had a sea salt grinder so I taste tested with that first, lol. The vet told me teaspoon to a tablespoon daily. My horse is large (over 1,400 lbs) so I've been giving him a not quite full tablespoon.


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