August 10th, 2012

My new roomie, and long time friend (who also rides) has moved in with me, so today was a bit hectic to say the least.  She brings along with her her little beagle, so now we have two pups in the house! Exciting!

Anyways, went out to ride Libbers, and I was just going to do a light hack since she had been schooled earlier in the day.  Got on and she was very looky, everything needed to be stared at, and no attention was paid to the small girl on her back.  Granted, we did ride in the field, and she has had numerous days off (four days off from the show, and then another three days off from the charlie horse incident) so shes bound to be a little cooky.  Did lots of bending with her to get her to just pay attention, which is really all I needed.  Lots of sitting trot, good thing shes so comfortable, and lots of figure eights and serpentines and changes of direction.  After she was listening well we had to work on my position over fences.  Ever since the show, and the nerve over-riding day that was Sunday, I lost some confidence in myself and reverted a bit back to sometimes catching her in the mouth. Dang it, I thought I had broken that habit! So we just trotted over a fence with two poles set a stride out on either side, just to get me focused on something other then unfolding in the air.  Hard to do when your baby is already a bit up, but we managed.  Gotta keep working hard and go to more shows so I can gain more confidence!

On another note, I’ve decided that my half-pad, which I love is way to big for my new saddle.  My old saddle, which was “technically” also a 16.5, needed the 17-17.5 size saddle pads in everything, from my Fleeceworks pad to my show pads.  And now that my saddle is a true 16.5 everything is too big.  My half-pad extended a good 4 inches behind my saddle, and the sheepskin rolled edge on it extends to far down.  Not to mention that my new girth that I just got from Smartpak is now too small… I’m going to need either a 52″ or a, gasp, 54″.  And I just got it :-(.  I’ll also need a new show pad, since the two I have are for 17+ saddles… Who knew buying a new saddle could have added costs?


4 thoughts on “August 10th, 2012

  1. Well depending on if you're interested in selling your show pad I might be looking? I definitely need a 17.5 I have now realized after a few months in a 17.

    And that stinks about the girth! Smartpak is still having their summer sale though so you can Always get another. It's hard to imagine Libby needing the same size girth as Huey though!


  2. Most of our girths are old, so even if they are marked a 54″, they are probably more so a couple inches more. I'm thinking of just ordering the 52″, since I can always return it if it really doesn't fit… ugh now I have a useless girth…


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