August 11th, 2012

Today I leave to go home for a few days, for what I like to call “my teeny tiny summer vacation”.  Got to the barn early so I could ride her and then leave straight from there, and it was already 97 degrees out.  So just a light hack.  We’ve been using a 3-ring elevator on her recently, and I like it a lot with her, gives us just enough lifting power without too much woahing power. 

I got on and started with some sitting trot and serpentines, just trying to engage her hind end.  Lots of circles, turns, you know the deal.  In the beginning she was a little frazzled and didn’t want to listen but after a couple of minutes of working her butt, she came around.  She was listening great, which I was so proud of, because not only were the horses out cross the street (shes obsessed with them) but my friends horse was romping in the field right near us.  Good girl Libby :-).  And the stablehand drove the big huge tractor right near us, which she could have cared less about.  I was so happy with her that I cantered her two laps both ways, and was done.  I love days like this where she feels so good, so responsive, but not overly sensitive.  Yay Libbers!


4 thoughts on “August 11th, 2012

  1. Thanks everyone!!!

    And still loving the saddle! At this point, I think its nice a roomy for her, without being too wide. But now I need new stuff, just for my saddle! Like halfpads and show pads and girths…


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