August 16th, 2012

Hi all!!  I’m back from my super short, but much needed vacation!! I actually got back yesterday but got in too late to squeeze in a ride, so today was my first day back riding. 

We had a lazy hack day, nothing really too exciting, but she was awesome.  Rode her in the pelham, which I’ve been leery of using again ever since the show, and she was great.  Was a little looky since the jumps were all moved around, but nothing a little nudge with the inside leg couldn’t fix.  I was so happy to have a nice easy ride when I got back, I was probably grinning from ear to ear.  And since I was so happy I took a bunch of pictures of her.  But for some odd reason, my awesome phone froze up during our photo shoot and deleted ALL MY PICTURES, including everything else I had on my phone.  I know, I need a real camera…

Anyways nothing really to report.  Going to see a farm on Sunday for boarding so of course I’ll report on that.  I’ll get some pictures of the gorgeous girl tomorrow, since I’m sure your all missing her lovely face!! 😉


2 thoughts on “August 16th, 2012

  1. Glad you had a good time 🙂 PICTURES PICTURES PICTURES. I think your phone has something against all of your avid blog readers and doesn't want us all to see the cute libby…


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