August 17th, 2012

I need to take a vacation more often!! I think it cleared my mind a bit, and I’m able to ride much better for whatever reason. 

Got out to the barn early pearly, okay 9, so I could ride before the heat and rain.  Got on and started to hack her around while my trainer turned some of the horses out, so we could get right to jumping before Libby ran out of energy.  She felt so great to flat, lazy, but listening.  Did some bending to keep her light, and some simple changes at the canter.  She was so good!! Then as my trainer was coming out, I noticed my little pup on the wrong side of the fence, off property, so I had to get off to catch him.  I’ve decided hes not allowed to come with me to the barn anymore, since hes just not listening to me anymore…

Tired from running away from me all morning…

Anyways, after I finally caught my pup, I got on Libby, who could have cared less about me getting on her fifteen minutes later, and trotted her a few laps to remind her she was working.  We trotted the cross rail to warm up, and then continued to canter it.  She felt great, just the right amount of lazy and responsive, and adjusted quickly.  We did a simple course, outside to other outside to diagnol, which she did awesome, and since we’d been in a bit of a rut lately, just a little rut, we decided to end on the awesome note.  Plus it was getting super hot and humid quick, a storm was on the way.   

Now, I still don’t have any pictures of me riding, really I need someone to come out and do a little photo shoot for me,  but heres some cute ones of her in the stall… I know, not what you guys wanted, but I tried :-/

What are you taking pictures of?

Oh, you have hay???!!!!

New best friend!

Still lovin’ the saddle!!  Its still staining my breeches, but its still SUPER comfy! Gotta start crossing off the things on my need list…


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