August 18th, 2012

Got out to the barn, and decided to ride right when we got there to dodge the rain.  Got the dirtball all tacked up, I think she rolls just so I have to spend more time grooming her, and we headed out to the ring.  My friend C, the one who has her horse for sale with my trainer, rode the stallion today, because Odyen, the horse she normally rides sold.  She was sad but we all know he needs his own person. 

So we go into the ring and start warming up.  Libby was very interested in Studly, what we lovingly call the stallion, and couldn’t keep her eyes off of him.  He on the other hand, could have cared less.  Hes such a good natured guy, he’d give her a couple looks then go about his job.  Libby was a little up, probably because Studly was in the ring, so had to bring her back down to earth in the beginning, but after that she was awesome.  After a quick flat school, we got to work over fences, mostly on me and the fact that I still am not following her fully in the air over fences.  My hands have gotten much better, but my body just seems to not be able to follow along with my hands, so we worked on that.  First we set up a trot fence with poles set out on each side, then we headed around to two poles set close together, but far enough apart that she jumped them wide.  These wide poles on the ground are really what gets me, because she extends her neck and has more air time, and I just can’t seem to get in tune with her.  We worked on that, changes the jumps around and I got better the more we did it.  We then did a little bounce, which Libby did without batting an eye, which also helped since I have to stay closed with my upper body throughout the bounce.  We finished with a normal trot jump both ways, and a lead change both ways, which we did perfectly.  Gotta love my girl!!!

Sunday Libbers gets the day off, then Monday back to work!

For your viewing pleasure, heres an adorable picture of my pup and my roomies pup snuggling on the couch. They are so cute!!


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