August 20, 2012

Had this all typed up and forgot to pot it!! Silly Shelley!!

Woke up early again to get to the barn before the heat and storms.  It was already feeling like 100 degrees though with the humidity, so I knew we weren’t going to be doing to much.  I started to get Libby ready and my friend C got my trainers big baby Ladoo ready (hes about 18 hands).  We really just did a simple flat session, since it really felt like I was drinking the air, but Libby was good.  Very easy going.  She was actually being playful with her bit, and I have a theory that when she is it means shes going/coming into heat.  We’ll see if my theory holds up.

Afterwards, we took a trip up to Ocala to go to the Tack Shack.  I needed to order my halter/saddle plates, and C needed to pick up her boots from the cobbler.  Silly C realized when we got there that the show cobbler was closed on Tuesdays….

Not too much else on my end.  Riding tomorrow and then school starts on Wednesday :-/


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