August 22nd, 2012

Unfortunately, due to the fact that two horses were being vetted and my trainer had to be down in Ocala all day, so I didn’t get to ride yesterday.  That’s one thing that I don’t like about my trainers farm, there aren’t many people there, save for C and one other older lady who rarely rides her horses.  So when my trainers not there I don’t go, mostly for the fact that its not safe to ride when no one else is around, been there done that, but also because its not exactly good time management to drive an hour out one way just to groom my pony.  I wish I could do that, since I actually like going for a little to just see my girl, but that wouldn’t be smart.  Agh I need a closer place!

Anyways, today got out to the barn and it was rainy right when I got there.  Awesome.  Had to wait an hour just for the rain to stop, but it did give me ample time to groom and play with her. 

Eyes closed…

Her forelock really needs to be tamed


Whats over there??

When I was grooming her she was being quite cute and giving me faces when I was curry combing her…

When it finally did stop raining, me and my trainer, aboard one of her favorite baby horses Superfly, ambled out to the ring to get in some sort of ride.  It was very wet, it had been pouring basically all day, but not dangerous in the least.  The field had already soaked most of it up, so we rode in there.  Libby was nice and easy going, as always, but had a good forwardness to her.  I was experimenting with ways of asking her to go forward, from squeezing her like a tube of toothpaste, to cowgirl kicking her.  Oddly enough, the one that got the most response was me cowgirl kicking her, after taking my leg off.  Strange horse.  Anyways we decided to trot a couple of jumps, just a couple, and Libbers was great.  Something in me really clicked with regard to my position over fences, and it felt good.  I actually got some far away video, crazy I know. 

 First day back to classes was a waste of time.  My professor failed to mention that class was canceled for the first day, so I trekked all the way to campus for nothing… Could have been going to the barn!


10 thoughts on “August 22nd, 2012

  1. I get the “too far away to just go groom”. Some lady gave me a weird look when I told her if I make the trek I HAVE to ride, unless of course my horse is lame, then I am hand walking. I don't just go out to feed treats unless I'm already out that way for something else, but if I am, I'm going to squeeze in a ride whenever, wherever, however!


  2. I understand the class frustration. I made the 50 minute round trip to school just to literally be handed a syllabus and leave. We didn't even talk about it! We could have had it emailed!

    Libby is to stinking cute. Seriously! Houston is head over heels 😉 haha


  3. I used to be the girl who would look at you funny, generally because I love grooming and some down time, so I like to come out to just hang with her. But thats not so easy now.


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