August 23rd, 2012

I’ve decided that I hate living in apartment complexes.  I love my roommates, but my upstairs neighbors need to be evicted, now.  They constantly play music, loud booming music, and have parties almost every night.  Now I can understand maybe once or twice a week, I mean I am in college, but every night?! Come ON! 

On another note, yesterday I rode Libby in the slow twist loose ring.  I don’t like this bit, officially, but for some reason my trainer thinks it will be the bit for us.  So yesterday started flatting and she was instantly much more different then she was yesterday.  She was looky, and wasn’t listening to my inside leg at all.  I attribute this to the bit, since she honestly is only as bad as she was when we use that bit.  So we quickly flatted, then went out into the field to jump, and she was so heavy.  At the trot she was good, she had a couple moments where she was being awesome, then came the canter.  She wasn’t lifting and getting on her butt, and wasn’t listening to my cues at all.  Just to give her a half halt I had to really grab her, so my trainer asked to get on to see what I was feeling.  She got on and Libby was doing the same thing, running through my hands, not listening.  She schooled her and fixed her, and then I got on to cool her out.  Tomorrow well see if it helped for me or not or if the bit is ust really not for us.


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