August 25th, 2012

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get out to the barn on Friday, because my roommates boyfriend accidentally took my keys when they drove down to South Florida.  So I was stranded in my apartment 😦

Anyways, I got out a bit later then I had wanted, but it ended up being better because the winds from Isaac started coming in, so it was nice and cool.  I rode her in the loose ring again, as I think my trainer really believes that it’ll work for us, and whether it was because she schooled her on Thursday, or what, she was MUCH better in it.  Started trotting, and worked her both ways, and my trainer said we should just go straight to jumping, before we even cantered.  So I went ahead and trotted all the jumps.  She was great to them and stayed very consistent and listened to my aids very well.  We went ahead and went straight to cantering them, and she was AWESOME.  Started out cantering the line, got in great, funny how that happens when you keep your pace the same, and cantered out in an easy peasy 7.  Yay!!! Onto the blue, which came so easily, and felt so fluid.  I did have to woah her a bit before it, but I just closed my fingers on the reins and she came right back.  Yay baby!  Onto the gray wall, which was the jump that she really was honing in on and rushing towards on Thursday.  We accidentally cut off our corner and struggled to get back to our slow easy pace.  But I did stay out of her way and we got over it fine.  We did that one one more time, since everything else was great, and I did a much better turn to it, which then helped me get to the jump nice and easy.  I was so happy with her, we ended it on that.  Good baby!

Finally got the call that my plates were ready, so I’m going to have to pick them up.  Hopefully I can do that on Monday, providing that the storm doesn’t hit us too bad.


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