August 26th, 2012

Brought my friend A out to the barn to come meet Libby.  She also rides, actually rides on the equestrian team, but due to classes couldn’t come out with me to Williston to come meet Libby when I first bought her.  I love having people meet her, shes just so sweet and loves the attention. 

I just hacked her in the pelham and she was a good girl.  We really didn’t do much, mostly watched my trainers mom ride her new horse, who is this adorable warmblood paint baby.  I’m going to have to get a picture of him for everyone. 

I know I didn’t have to much for you guys today, sorry about that.  But I did go and see another farm today for possible boarding.  The place was very quaint and cute.  It was a little CBS barn owned by an older couple.  The woman is a kindergarten teacher, very sweet, and they both seemed like they were really willing to do everything I needed for Libby.  And the funny thing is, they have the other Entourage by Escapade filly that I knew existed.  Small world.  Anyways, they were very upfront about certain things, like the fact that the footing needs to be redone, but they said that as soon as the Entourage filly sells, the footing is going to be completely redone.  Thats nice to hear, but what if she doesn’t sell…. Anyways they have a field to ride in that they’ve been riding in, but its the middle of a large field, with no boundaries.  I don’t know if I like that.  They also said that I could bring my own trainer, but that they have someone who comes into ride the baby that they say is very good, and they might be getting a resident trainer in.  I really like my trainer and don’t want to switch from her, but it wouldn’t be financially smart for her to drive all the way out to just give me a lesson.  And if I had another day like I did on Thursday, she wouldn’t be there to fix her right away.  Libby would have had to go back into her stall after ending on a bad note.  I just want my trainer to take that farm in Gainesville AHHH!!!  All in all they sounded like very nice people, and the place could be a very possible contender.  The only reservation I have is that I know a friend of mine toured the place and she decided not to go so I want to know why. 

Other then that nothin new…


4 thoughts on “August 26th, 2012

  1. Turns out, she doesn't even remember what it was that they couldn't do for her. She told me she asked for two hour turnout for her horse, and some other things like special food ect. and that they gave her a high price. I think she might be leaving something out, because I spoke with them for a while about Libby and her diva like qualities and they didn't say anything about charging me extra for it. Hm…


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