August 28th and 29th, 2012

Thanks to Tropical Storm Isaac lots of my riding plans have been on hold.  Mostly just because on Monday it rained non-stop, and then yesterday it started POURING right when I got out there.  We got dumped with a lot of water, and the ring was soaked.  Tomorrow, depending on if my trainer has to pick up a horse, I might be trailering down to the old farm to have a little field trip with Libberz, and get her off the property.  I’m super excited, as I know I really need more off property riding experience on her, even if we’ve ridden there before. 

I’ll take picture of the new halter plate and saddle plate I got for you guys tomorrow!  I chose a different font then I normally would, living on the edge here, and I love it.  Thats all I really have for today! I’ll leave you guys with some pictures of Libby 🙂 When I brought my friend out Sunday she took pictures of me on my ancient Iphone, so out of the 15 she took, only 4 are really clear enough… Oh well, they are better then nothing!

Libby after her grooming session yesterday

Cantering 🙂

More cantering

She trots so pretty, even from this angle

Mid breaking from trot to walk


6 thoughts on “August 28th and 29th, 2012

  1. Ah she looks so cute! And you look so professional 🙂

    Glad you didn't get washed away, I am surprised with all the crazy weather that you don't have an indoor arena.

    Hope your “field trip” is fun!


  2. Thanks! Ever since I was a working student at my old farm, I'm just used to the polo dress code.

    Its just to darn hot down her to have an indoor. A covered ring would be nice though…


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