August 30th, 2012

Yesterday was all excited to go for our fieldtrip, had my car all packed, and was looking forward to getting the Libbers off property.  I got a text in the morning saying we couldn’t go, she had to pick up a horse.  Meh… Ended up not even going out since I really didn’t feel well.

Today didn’t feel too good either but I pushed through cause I really needed to ride.  Hadn’t ridden her since Sunday!  We got out a lot later then we wanted to, thanks to the road block.  They are redoing the road to get out to the barn which is nice, but its a long winding two lane road, so they have to block off one side to repave it, meaning we had to sit there for close to a half hour waiting for them to let us pass.  I was not a happy camper.  It further pushes the thought into my head that this drive isn’t working out for me.

Anyways, finally got out to the barn, and my trainer wanted me to get on a new horse they got in for sale.  More like rescued.  This older mare was totally emaciated, and it was so sad because she was made and knew her job.  But the place that had used her as a school horse hadn’t taken any care of her, possibly hadn’t even fed her.  I had to use a different saddle because my WIDE saddle would have just shifted around all over the place.   Got on and she was really good, spooky, but good.  Brought her over a couple of fences and she LAUNCHED over them.  Caught her in the mouth a couple of times, whoops, and she didn’t mind, just like a good school horse.  I just felt so bad for her. My trainer was telling me about the place she came from.  A farm that was on the water, had 100 stall barn on five acres, with no turn out.  I’m surprised a place like that even exists.

Got off her, and got on Libby quick.  She was good until the stallion and the new mare started grunting and squealing at each other.  Then she started getting a little cookoo.  We did a little crossrail, and she kept trying to gallop towards it and after it, so I just let her.  Every time she thought “eh this is hard I want to trot” I would add more leg.  She got the message really quick that if she wanted to race around like a loon, she didn’t have the option to stop.  Once she figured that out we just trotted two fences, to be done and end on a good note.  She jumped the first one normally, nice and soft, and the second she jumped jumper style, aka kicked up her butt over it.  Oh Libby…


4 thoughts on “August 30th, 2012

  1. Unfortunately my trainer had to send the mare back. Had a lady come to look at her the day after and she was dead lame. The lady still really liked her, but my trainer couldn't with good conscience sell a dead lame horse…


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