August 31, 2012

Today was full of horsey activities!  First, I went to watch my roomie ride her baby in a lesson.  She rides with a big jumper trainer here, and I hadn’t actually seen her baby jump since she bought it.  It was fun to watch though, and fun to see way different styles of teaching.  When I was in between horses, I would always hang out at her barn, just to be in touch with the horse world, so I know all the girls that go there.  And I find that thats really what I want.   I want that show barn, or good quality barn, with a group of girls my age who do the same riding as me.  I want a barn family again!! And I kind of have it now at my trainers farm, if you consider my friend C, my trainer and her mom, and the other older lady at the barn T.  Its nothing like being in a busy show barn though!

Anyways, since I went with my friend for her lesson, she decided to come with me for mine!  Which means I have pictures, and some video!  I’ll have to upload the videos later, when we find a way to get them off of her phone, but I do have the few pictures she took of us catching our breaths.   Libby was overall a very good girl.  She is definitely in heat though, thanks to the stallion charade, so she was a feisty one.   Oh well…

Anyways here re the pictures, and like I said, videos later!!

She looks like a little quarter horse here…

Pretty girl!

I’m slouching like no other, but at least its a picture of me on her!!


10 thoughts on “August 31, 2012

  1. Nice pictures, I absolutely love her black coat with the big white stripe! So beautiful! I also love active show barns. My trainers place is really nice but there aren't people my age there (either younger or older) and I wish there was. 😦


  2. Thanks! I know… I've really been struggling with this because the other barn that is really a show barn that does the hunters in my area is too expensive. Plus I REALLY wanted to stay with my trainer, since shes done such good things for us…


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