September 7th, 2012

I can’t stand lovebugs.  For those of you who are lucky enough to have never dealt with these annoying little bugs, I’m super jealous.  They are these weird, slow moving bugs, that are actually two bugs that are attached together at the rear, hence the name “lovebugs” since they always seem to be mating.  Not only do they create this lovely coating on my car…


… they also annoy me and Libby when we are riding.  They are in such thick swarms, that I have to be careful going anything faster then a trot, otherwise my face might look a lot like my car bumper. 

Anyways, Libby was really good today.  She is definitely over being in heat, thankfully.  First flatted her really quickly in the sand ring, then we went straight into the grass field to jump.  The neighbors were burning debris, so the air was nice and smoky, with a smoke stack.  I honestly think they were trying to smoke the lovebugs off their property.  Back to our ride, we started off trotting the crossrail and then trotting our little vertical.  Libby nonchalantly trotted over it, so we headed straight for the line to trot in and trot out.  This she also did nonchalantly, yay for being out of heat!! We then went straight to cantering the line, and this is when Libby started noticing the lovebugs.  They literally swarmed around us, giving poor Libs a little heart attack.  We got through it, headed to our line, and she was a bit strong.  Went straight to it again and it was better, but still not great.  We were just getting in a little to strong, and I wasn’t woahing enough in time for the out.  Went straight to it again one more time, and this time it really clicked.  I did have to woah her a bit, as in I had to be a bit forceful about it, but she listened and we got it in a seven, like we were supposed to.  Went straight on to our blue, which we accidentally rode through another swarm, but Libby had her game face on then, so was unfazed.  Blue was a little long, but I made sure to give a big release, and not catch her.  Onto our grey, which we’d had trouble with in the past, and after making the correct turn to it, it ended up being our best jump of the day.  Gave her a second to catch her breath, and went to due the line one more time, just to clean it up a bit.  Got in nicely, and I did have to woah a bit, but she was listening well now, so we just flowed out.  Love when it all comes together!


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