September 11th, 2012

Got out to the barn, and trainer let me know that she wanted to get on Libby first today to school her really quick before I got on.  Fine by me!  I don’t remember exactly what she said the reason was but I love watching her ride her so it didn’t upset me at all.  She rode in the loose ring twisted snaffle, the bit I don’t really like, so maybe that had something to do with it.

Anyways, she got on, warmed up really quick and immediately started schooling fences.  I hadn’t seen Libby go for a while, so it was nice to see just how huntery she looks.  Makes me so excited to show!!  After she schooled all the fences at least twice, I got on.  We let her have a little walk break, and then I went straight to our little crossrail, just to remind her we were working.   She was really wiggly to it, and wasn’t exactly locking onto the jumps like she normally does, which isn’t necessarily bad.  We got over that and went straight to our other little vertical, of which was also nothing.  Then we headed straight to the line, got in nice and forward, and just flowed out.  Felt so good!! On to the blue vertical, which came so easily, especially since I tried to do the exact same turn my trainer did, which gave us a lot more time to straighten out then my normal approach.  Left to the wall and I didn’t hold her to the base long enough and we got a long one.  Went right back to it, and I chipped it, to which Libby let me know on the other side to get it right!! Went straight to it again, and my brain and hands and seat finally connected and we got a great distance.  YAY! My trainer was all excited for me, because it was the first time in a while that I didn’t give up to a fence, and really made her wait.  Good for me!!

And we are going to a show September 22nd!! Its only a one day show, at least thats all were doing of it, but its super close to Palatka where she is right now, and its on the cheaper end.  After we do the show we are moving the horses to Williston, so hopefully this means only one more week of driving!! I still need to find something closer but for the time being its not an hour+ and thats super exciting!


4 thoughts on “September 11th, 2012

  1. Good luck at your show! Very exciting that you'll be moving her closer to you. I have to battle through the 1 hour commute all winter. I'm thinking it'll get old, fast.


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