September 19th, 2012

Rode out to the barn with my friend C, the one who sold her horse through my trainer.  She was trying some horses today for lease, which is very exciting for her.  She tried this super nice grey gelding that I loved, but she thought she was too big for him.  And she tried this really nice baby that just came in from Holland that was also very nice, just a lot greener.  I love seeing new horses come in, they all leave to fast though!!

Libby started off really lazy, and wasn’t listening at all to my inside leg.  After I got after her, she was a little upset.  Granted she didn’t get ridden the day before, but I was still upset.  After flatting her, we moved into the field where she was much better.  I think she doesn’t like the little ring, be it the size, or the footing, because she seems to get better whenever we go into the grass ring.  We trotted all the jumps and ended on a good note by cantering the line nice and quiet.  Love her, even when shes testy 😉

We’ll see how she is tomorrow to decide if I’m showing or not.  I told my trainer my insecurities, how I hadn’t ridden her for four days so I felt that maybe we should wait, but she assured me she wouldn’t let me get hurt, and that this would be a great experience for us since its cheap and its just another place to take her to.  She hasn’t been off property since last show!


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