September 20th, 2012

Got out to the barn and was sure I was going to get poured on.  It was the quiet before the storm, extremely windy, and getting dark.  But I knew I had to ride today.  So I got her tacked up super quick, and got on.  My trainer was working with her moms baby, hes a super quiet paint cross, and I don’t like paints so if I say hes cute hes SUPER cute, so I just kind of sorta flatted.  Basically trotted one direction, sat, trotted other direction sat, cantered etc.d..  I actually rode with spurs today, because I couldn’t stand her basically laying on my inside leg anymore, and wouldn’t you know she was super about it. 

We finally went out into the field and Libby was a superstar.  We trotted one crossrail, then went straight to cantering the course.  It felt very fluid, and flowing, and just awesome.  My trainer was like see, its a sign you should show!  I figure if shes really bad who cares, its a very cheap show, so it could still be used as a good learning experience.  Plus I need to gain confidence away from home, and what better way to do it then go away from home!

After I was cleaning up, I was getting up the courage to tell my trainer how I looked at that other show barn when she decided to tell me that the farrier had put her into contact with a lady who has a barn twenty minutes from Gainesville, who needs to have someone take care of her horses.  She basically is moving up north to be closer to her daughter whose in school up there, and needs someone to look after her four retirees.  And whoever wants the job can have full use of the twenty stall barn complete with jump arena and multiple paddocks.  Um yes please? Shes looking at it this weekend so we’ll see.

Grazing after a good ride!

Shes so cute 🙂

AND I tried on some blankets that I had hidden in our garage at home, they look brand new, and they both fit Libbers.  So she now has a turnout heavy blanket and a sheet, and I now know she is a size 78″.  All I need now is a cooler, and stable sheet, and shes set!


3 thoughts on “September 20th, 2012

  1. Yay! Glad she was good. And she is super cute- pictures added to the wall in Houston's “room” haha.

    Do you like purple plaid? At this point I could just give you the stable sheet I have if you pay shipping. Our house is for sale and we are kind of trying to trim the fat so to speak. 🙂


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