September 21st-26th, 2012

I know, I know.  Bad blogger, not keeping everyone up to date, especially the weekend of a show!  I am so sorry! I’ll just go through everything, so if this posts get to be super long I’m sorry in advance.

September 21st: Schooling day.  We got to the show and we unpleasantly surprised to find that we were in the tent stalls, which were a tiny 9×9.  Since Libby is the smallest of our horses, I wasn’t too upset, I mean those are the size of the tents at WEF.  We set everything up, more like our new groom/handyman did, and settled in. Then Libby was lunged, again by our groom/handyman, and I got on.  She was a little up when I first got on, not so much spooky, but rushy.  I’ve decided that she hates the schooling ring, since shes always like that in the schooling area.  We went on into the ring to school the jumps and there were kids on ponies everywhere!! Whoever set up the show had the grand idea of making the pony ring the green horse ring, and it was utter chaos.  Thankfully Libby didn’t mind sharing the ring with about 10 other horse and ponies, not an exaggeration there, and did well.  She jumped everything we put in front of her, and I even got a compliment on one of my schooling rounds from a little girl in the ring!! Can’t get better then that!

Libby after a successful schooling day 🙂

September 22nd: Show day.  Since this show was just a one day show, the grounds were super busy when I got there, which was around 9.  My class wasn’t set to go until 1 so I had lots of time.  Around 12, we were told that they were going to open the cards for my class, so my trainer had me get on so we could do my over fences classes and then come back later on for my flat.  As I was heading out into the schooling area, getting ready to pick up the reins and ask for the trot, a golf cart wizzes by, grazing Libbys butt.  I kid you not.  My baby horse, even though she is good, shes still a baby, PANICS.  Now mind you, I hadn’t been too smart, as I had walked out to the ring on a loose rein.  I didn’t have any time to recollect myself, as Libby in a blind panic started running towards the small children on ponies.  I quickly reached up, grabbed any rein I could by her mouth and pulled, hard.  This successfully turned her quickly away from the people, but sent me totally off balance and I flew and hit the ground.  Ugh.  This was not the kind of show I had in mind.  After practically everyone at the show came to see if I was ok, I got up and answered a few questions for the paramedic.  I was told that I fell and hit my head pretty hard, and would need a new helmet, as if I didn’t have things I already needed. Thankfully Libby was caught quickly, within a few seconds, and my trainer got on her.  After she rode her, more like made her come back down to earth, she was put away to let her blood come down, and to let me sit under shade.  My trainer was very upset, and didn’t know whether I should ride.  They were so sure I had a concussion that she kept telling me it was ok if I chose not to ride.  But I knew I had no concussion, and I wanted to prove to myself that I can still handle it.  So after a little while, remember that my ring had opened the cards, so I hadn’t missed anything, I decided to go back out there and at least do one class.  I got a bit change, brushed myself off, and got back on.  After schooling for a few seconds, I knew I just had to get into the ring and get the first trip over with.  Libby felt okay, not great but not out of control.  I went into the ring took a deep breath and trotted to my first jump.  I honestly don’t think I breathed the whole time I was in there, I was so nervous.  But I completed it, I was alive, nothing had come to harm me.  It wasn’t pretty, but who cares.  I wanted to do my next two classes, I was so sure I was good.  Got in to do my second trip and Libby starts spooking at a shadow.  Okay calm down, just got to move her past it, which I did, and we got through that round too.  For the final round I was determined to do better, to put something together and make it look like I knew how to ride.  And I did it, got a fifth out of 15 to prove it.  By the end of that round Libby was fried, and so was I.  We skipped the flat, not like we were going to be getting any reserve or grand ribbons anyways, and headed back.

So I didn’t get any good ribbons this weekend.  So I didn’t even get to do the flat class.  I might have fallen off, but I got back on, and pushed my nervousness away enough to come out better then when we went in.  I can’t say that I was happy with how the show went, but I am happy with how it ended.  Me having a bit more confidence in myself.  My trainer was so proud of me, telling me I rode awesome considering everything that had happened, and that made me happy.

Now, I am nursing a bruised butt, its actually pretty painful, and looking for the lowest prices for my new helmet.  Had exams the beginning of the week so wasn’t able to go out, but I’ll be there tomorrow 🙂

We don’t look half bad


8 thoughts on “September 21st-26th, 2012

  1. 😦 So sorry all that happened to you, but its awesome that you weren't hurt and could push past all the issues. 5th out of 15 is still very, very good in my opinion!

    Be sure if you have a GPA or CO helmet to go fill an accident report and see if you can get a discount on your next one!


  2. dang girl what a crazy show!!! I am so glad you are ok, Libby is ok and that you were able to push past the fear and ride.

    I prob would have hunted down that golf cart and person driving!!! ugh!

    Hope you are feeling better and that you can find a new helmet cheap… maybe talk to Lyssette if you have a CO cause she is in the process of getting hers replaced with their program.


  3. Thanks everyone! I'm sure had my trainers mom been there, they would have had to carry him out on a stretcher.

    Great minds think alike! I already wrote up my accident report and am eligible for a 50% discount. Do you guys know if Smartpak accepts the certificate?


  4. Just call their 1800 number for customer care. I am sure it would be a quick call and they would help. I can't imagine them not accepting it provided they sell the brand/ helmet you want 🙂


  5. Wow – sorry to hear you had an unplanned dismount at the show. Big kudos to you for “sacrificing” yourself to avoid chaos with the children… and for being a trooper and riding anyway. Hope you heal quickly and your helmet isn't too expensive. And hey, it can only go up from here!


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