September 27th, 2012

Had a really easy day riding wise.  I was still pretty sore, but I wanted to just try and get on.  It mostly hurt to post and sit deep, so I kept a light seat.  Libby was awesome for having five days off, no rushing, just plodded along.  I just did walk trot both directions for a bit, stopped to talk with my trainer, then cantered once around both ways.  Very easy peasy for Miss Libby.

I tried a different kind of half pad today, since I’m still looking for one to replace the other one I had which is now too big for my saddle.  It seemed kind of like a Supracore to me but not as thick.

The pad.

I kind of liked it, but I honestly couldn’t tell if it was doing anything at all.  I wish I could find my Thinline pad!!  So what halfpads do you guys use? I may have asked this before, but just curious 🙂

Anyways, thats all I really have.  Going to try to get to the tack store this weekend to try on helmets again, as I think my previous one might have been a tad too big, and to see about getting the discount.

Me and Libby both looking pretty dorky


7 thoughts on “September 27th, 2012

  1. I'm glad you were able to get the discount and the tack store is better in my opinion because then you can have it right away!

    I just use the Circuit Brand Half Pad from Dover. Nothing fancy.


  2. I use my FleeceWorks pad and really like it. I used to want a EcoGold Pad but my county lady told me that the fleece works does the job now.

    That pad looks intriguing. And I hope you find your ThinLine too! Where could it have run off too?


  3. Thanks everyone for the suggestions! At this point one of the things I'm really thinking about is that I don't want the pad to change the fit of my saddle. I really did like my Fleeceworks pad, and want to get it again but was just looking into other options.

    Hilary, I'm pretty sure when I went away to college, I let someone borrow it, and they lost it 😦


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