October 1st, 2012

Life lesson learned from riding green bean babies: one step forward, two steps back.  

Libby was a sassy little thing today.  Since we still don’t know exactly which bit is going to be “her” bit, we tried the corkscrew one again, the one I had on at the show.  I think my trainer was trying to see if it made any difference what-so-ever in her pulling nonsense.  

Flatting with it was great.  I had my spurs on and we had a jolly good time going around on a loopy rein, all hunteresque like.  I have to say I was getting a little excited, and while I don’t necessarily like the idea of the corkscrew as an everyday bit for a baby, it gives us something to build on, knowing that she needs something a bit less harsh then that.  After having my fun flatting, we started jumping. 

She was a beast.  Pulling me, then getting upset because of the bit, the back to pulling.  I ended up taking my spurs off to see if her sensitivity and testy attitude would end, but there was no difference.

We were just working on an exercise where we trot into the line, halt in the middle and trot out, ending with halting on a straight line.  Back and forth we did this, but Libby wasn’t having it.  We ended up switching bits mid-ride because she was being so fussy, and she was better.  Not great but better. 

So now I feel like I’m in a bit of a rut with her.  Our honey moon period is definitely over and shes really starting to test her limits with me.  If only I could find a bit that isn’t to much for her, but is enough for me. 

Finally ordered a new martingale and girth, and will be looking up blanket prices this weekend, when I get to my parents house.  Yay mini vacation! 

Also, I called the tack store today before I decided to drive out there, which was a good thing, since they told me they would honor the Charles Owen rebate only if I brought in my receipt. Uh, problem: I ordered my helmet offline, and therefor have no receipt.  Also its old, like a couple years old.  Even if I had bought it from a local tack store, I wouldn’t have kept the receipt for that long.  So I’m going to have to try the tack store near me, hopefully the helmets are the same price.  :-/


4 thoughts on “October 1st, 2012

  1. If you ordered off a website, they may have your transaction history that would show the purchase? If not, I hope the other tack store will honor the rebate. Hope you find the right bit, seems like with some horses it becomes the holy grail, a never ending search


  2. Girl I have had Henry for 14 months and it's been a tour around the bit world for us. I know, not giving much hope LOL.

    Just think, in 5 years we will look back on all the hard work and laugh because we will have nice perfect ponies! 🙂


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