October 3rd, 2012

Libby got a flat training ride on Tuesday, so I didn’t go out.  Got out on Wednesday, and it looked pretty gloomy.  I honestly didn’t think we were going to be able to ride because of the weather, but miraculously, we got a ride in.  I decided that I wanted to try one of the Myler bits on Libberz again, so I rode her in this one

It wasn’t exactly the best day to try a new bit though.  She was pretty bad.  Spooking EVERYWHERE, was obsessed with my trainers horse Ladoo, and just wasn’t listening at all.  My trainer thinks shes going into her defiant stage, or shes going back into heat.  If its the latter, then we are going to have to talk about mare solutions, because after a full week of it, I’m pretty sick of it.  And yes I understand, she is a baby, but if there are solutions out there that can help her right now, why not try them? Plus, I don’t necessarily believe that shes a marish mare, I just think its babyness, adding to her heat hormones thats making her go gaga. 

I’ve also been thinking about more bit options.  I was reading up on the Stubben EZ control bits, and they seem like an option.  The hard thing with her is that she is sensitive while being heavy.  I was thinking a Dr. Bristol might work, but was told they aren’t very effective in most cases…

She has a training ride Thursday and then the weekend off since I’m taking a vacation home.  Hopefully will be hitting the tack stores while I’m home to get a new helmet, and to see if the consignment shop has anything for me. 


4 thoughts on “October 3rd, 2012

  1. I have a slow twist bristol full cheek and like it a lot – it is a bit too much for every day on Houston now but for a bit it was a god send. Every horse is different though.

    Hopefully she goes back to her normal self quickly…


  2. My farrier's mare has a marble and is absolutely wonderful on it, unfortunately they can
    “loses their marble”. One of our pony mares was a total S-l-u-t when she was a baby and the owner got her the implant, it helped a little bit but not much. Mare Magic worked great on my gelding :). Best of lucky finding a solution!


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